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BEST Value Collection Part 6 - 1BR 1BA for under 20K!!!

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Uploaded: 16th Sep 2009 at 5:10 PM

This is a one bedroom, one bathroom, one-story, single family home for your Sims on a 20X30 Lot.

Inside you will find:
- Contemporary furnishings throughout.
- Large kitchen with breakfast nook.
- Beautiful hardwood floors throughout common areas; carpet in bedrooms.

Outside you will find:
- Enough parking spaces for two cars.
- Modest landscaping with hints of color throughout.
- Front porch and a back patio area.

This home is the 5th installment in the BEST Value Collection.

BEST Value Collection:
It's strange but I have a systematic way to cheat when I start a family. It goes as follows:
- Adult/Elder Sims: give $10,000 each.
- Toddler/Child/Teen Sims: give $7,000 each.
So, for example, when I make a couple with three kids I would give them $41,000.

This collection capitalizes on this system. I will furnish the homes as efficiently as possible taking into account the amount of money I would give such a family.

This collection will feature a variety of homes for single Sims, roommates, couples, and Sims with kids.

About this home:
This home is furnished for a couple or single Sim.

Since this home is furnished for two Sim adults max then it is under $20,000 as promised by this collection.


Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: 19971/14822