Medieval Inn

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Medieval Inn

Created by Zeero

Contains custom content from the Sims 3 Store and MTS.

Following in the idea of the medieval castle, I decided to expand and make some other medieval themed lots, this one being a community lot. It's a medieval inn, with stables and a garden in the backyard, reception area and kitchen on the main floor, normal and luxury rooms on the 1st floor and common rooms, living rooms and innkeeper's quarters on the 2nd floor.

Have fun!

Size: 40 x 30
Cost furnished: 164,576
Cost unfurnished: 118,073



-B. Harvard's Water Collection Set HERE
-Advantageous Washtand HERE

-Treasures Of The Realm Chest HERE
-The Great Lord So-& So's Shield & Sword HERE
-The Banner Of The Bold HERE
-Knighting Of Sir Asad HERE

-Das BrauenMeister HERE
-Empireline Larder HERE
-Overachieving Plate Rack HERE

-Puzzle Stool HERE
-Woodrow's Woodworks Dining Chair HERE
-Woodrow's Woodworks Living Chair HERE
-Handicraft Columns HERE
-Chester's Wide Drawers HERE
-Woodrow's Woodworks Loveseat HERE
-Chalkboard Mirror HERE
-Treasure Box HERE
-Woodrow's Woodworks Coffee Table HERE

-Mod The Sims-

-The Stampede by hazuitokage HERE
-Study Clutter by lemoncandy HERE
-Fixed Maxis Clutter Items by tammy_trauma HERE
-Stone Pattern by tammy_trauma HERE
-Plain Mission Kitchen by Srikandi HERE

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: 164576