Roof Edgers for AL & M&G

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Uploaded: 12th Oct 2009 at 5:34 PM
A set of edgers to finish off the roof line when using either the M&G or AL Decorative roof pieces. Each set has 3 pieces, an inside corner, an outside corner, and a straight piece. They move up & down with AL, and can be moved lower to use with either stages and/or half walls; they can even go all the way to the ground to be used as ground fencing. And compared to most fencing these are quite low poly.

Each is slaved to the corresponding roof deco piece for each EP/SP, so all original and custom colors will apply.

AL Bohemian Roof Edgers - Requires AL

M&G Second Empire Roof Edgers - Requires M&G

Cost: $75 each
Catalog: Build / Architecture (Cornice Deco)

Polygon Counts:
Repeat - 26 each
Corner - 39 each