Aila Windsee - Teen Elf

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Uploaded: 16th Oct 2009 at 7:57 PM
Two days ago I have created Aila Windsee (Aila, lake of the wind). She is a cute little elf.

Facts about this Sim.
  • She is a teen.
  • She loves the nature, loves to be alone, is a good angler and she is a coward.
I have used a slider hack to create this Sim. If you want to change the features of the Sim you will need it too. You have some options to choose from:Moreover I have used some custom content. You need to download it in order that the Sim will look like on the pictures:And I have used some Sims 3 Store content. If you don't download/buy this content the Sim will wear an other random base game outfit.
  • Ivana Teen: Top. I have used it as everyday and sports outfit. (75 Points)
  • Jailer's Shorts Teen Shorts. I have used it as everyday outfit. (75 Points)
  • Pandoraette: Teen outfit. I have used it as formal outfit. (75 Points)
For more pictures look at the bottom of the thread. They are all 800x800 and I think that's to large for inline pictures (>800x600).