"How was your day, dear?" The Housewife Dress

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Uploaded: 24th Oct 2009 at 8:07 PM
Hi there! If you enjoyed the housewife dress from freetime so much as I did, you're going to love this conversion!

I've copied all the Maxis desings. The cherry one will have a different color because I couldn't change it in Workshop, so if you want it white, you can easily change it
And I haven't included the heart because it looked stretched and ugly in my mesh :/

This dress is for adults and young adults, under everyday and formal categories. It has three channels:
· Dress
· Apron
· Belt and bow/ribbon

"Are your housewives desperate for something new to wear? Do they love cooking, but hate the mess it leaves on threre nice outfits? Do they long to be more like the moms of Tv Land?

From the maker of the 'Jasmine Bridal Gowns", Anubis proudly brings you the 'How was your day, dear?' dress. Now you can be just like the housewives of yesterday, cooking and cleaning in the height of style. The Stepford wives will all swoon when they see you in this darling outfit. June Cleaver will insist that you tell her where you bought it. Bree VanDecamp will be sure to approve of your impeccable style and grace. Weather you're baking up the latest scandle, or your famous baked Alaska, you're sure to impress in this one of a kind outfit. "

You're housewives are not housewives without this dress!

“Honey, how was your day? Sorry supper is 2 min late, but I’ve just been so busy cleaning and doing laundry all day! Can I take your shoes for you? Would you like a cigar before supper? How about a martini? I could give you a massage, or read you the paper if you like. And thank you SO much for the stove you bought me for my birthday! It makes cooking all your meals so much easier!”

But if you use modern outfits in your housewives, you will get this...

"Fix your own damn supper! What am I... your slave?"

Thanks to Wicked_poppies for the funny description!

Please, see more detailed pics and more designs in the pics below.
If you want to compare my version with the original, take a look this at pic.
I am NOT planning to convert this for elders, for now.

Note: Please, don't take this personally. The description is just for fun, not that I agree with all the male chauvinism above


Polygon Counts:
Same as the original dress, 3866.

Additional Credits:
All the people from CFF and specially to Wicked_poppies!

Blonde housewife hair from Sims2Desings
Male hair in perfect housewife pic by Oepu
Blonde hair in modern housewife by v-ware
Modern housewife dress from Liana Sims 3
Blonde girl is my Alice version, so the credits are in that thread