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Open Air Jungle Villa - 433 Sunnyside Blvd.

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Uploaded: 4th Nov 2009 at 10:31 PM

Well, okay! My first ever upload! {IF it gets accepted!}

This came about because one day I "tripped" over a thread in the TS3 forums. And, it broke my heart! Here, read for yourself.

Originally Posted by addict1220
As members of the Creative Corner forum, you may or may not know the story of Tessa.

Tessa, god-daughter of simmer Magician1, was an 8-year old girl who was an avid Sims 3 fan. Tessa had an inoperable brain tumor, and in August, she was given about three months to live. At that time, she asked Magician1 to build her a home that she drafted the floorplan for. You can see the result of that build here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail...assetId=1028337 . On October 4, shortly after we began this neighborhood for her, Tessa passed away.

To honor Tessa, we would like to bring together the Sims community to finish creating this town just for her. After talking with Magician1 about Tessa, I have learned she loved mysteries and adventures, from Rambo and Patricia Cornwell stories to amazing destinations like Dubai! Bringing together these interests, Magician and I thought it would be fun to create a jungle themed 'hood for Tessa, complete with its own mystery and young detectives.

We would like this project to truly be a joint adventure to bring together the amazing people found on these boards. We hope you will join us.

Addict and Magician1

You can read the rest here: {and join in if you want!}

Onward... This is 433 Sunnyside Blvd in Sunset Valley...

This one bedroom weathered home sits on the edge of the jungle and the shoreline. It's an open-air "villa", just perfect for a single loner, or a childless couple. There are no doors and very few windows to block the cooling ocean breezes. A quick walk will bring you to the shoreline, where saltwater fishing abounds! You might even get lucky and find some lovely rocks that upon inspection and cutting may yield a beautiful gem! Never fear tho, you have your own private, stocked fishing spot on your property, right next to the bridge. We caught several minnows there, and increased our fishing skills a bit! In the center court, there is a small gardening plot already planted with one Great Quality Apple Tree, Two Special rare plants, Two Rare plants, and one Uncommon plant.. Hopefully your gardening skills are high enough to tend these rare plants! If not, just hustle upstairs to the study... the shelves are stocked with the first 3 level books of Gardening, Cooking, Logic, Handiness, and Charisma. Grab a gardening book and head on down to the sunken terrace! When you're done reading and tending to your garden, the swimming hole beckons! What is better than a refreshing dip before dinner?
It's all just waiting for YOU!

Lot Address: 433 Sunnyside Blvd., Sunset Valley
Lot Size: 30 x 30
Furnished: 70,425
Unfurnished: 58,807


If you'd like to see how *I* decorated my lot, {with a LOT of CC}, please click:

MUST have for the lot to work/look right!

Ginormous Rocks Granite Edition by Gillianivy at MTS2

Ginormous Rocks Mountain Edition by Gillianivy at MTS2

Ginormous Rocks Miscellaneous Edition by Gillianivy at MTS2

Creeping Ivy by Lemoncandy at MTS2

Don't have to have the following if you buy the UNFURNISHED version!

Eleanor Chaise Lounge - {Regal Living Set} from the Sims3 store

Secret Stash by Marble Ash end table - {Regal Living Set} from the TS3 store

Tiki Livingroom Set from TS3 store

Hula Feast Table - {The Tiki Dining Room Set} from TS3 Store

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: Furnished: 70,425

Additional Credits:
A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Lemoncandy for all her neat stuff, and to Gillianivy for all her neat stuff!! Also, a big Thank you to ALL the wonderful creators here and there! You make it easy for a computer illiterate to have a fun game!