Modern Life - 3

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Uploaded 8th Nov 2009 at 8:45 AM · Updated 9th Nov 2009 at 5:21 AM by valennealv : Need specific directions to get CC

Modern Life -3 is a unique, modern, house built entirely over a lake. Its studio styled layout enhances its modern feel, with a white and wood colour scheme complementing this. It suits a single sim's lifestyle and best of all, no pesky neighbours!

I have used some Custom Content in this house, however I have also provided a NON-CC house for those who do not wish to download all the required items.

Custom Content Needed

- Set Asera
- Set Tinyt
To access the downloads, click on "Sets" to the right of the page. Then click on the pictures to download the sets.

Both of the bedroom sets
Dining Room set
Click on the pictures of the sets to download.

Glass Wall Window
The Grey Painting - That's its title, not desrciption, heh.
Click on download underneath the objects image to begin download.

Set Barcelona seating
This set has no name, however it is the set with a coffee table that has 3 roses on it.
To access these downloads, click on "Downloads Click!" on the right, then Living Rooms

If you would prefer direct links, please leave a comment.

Furnished : 131,499
Unfurnished : 42,118

Price for house with no CC
Furnished :133,100
Unfurnished : 42,779

Lot Size
65 x 60

Anything else, please ask.

Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: 131 499


After some confusion about using this house I have uploaded a new version of it. BUT, to properly install this house, please follow these instructions.

1. You MUST MUST MUST place this lot on 57 Waterfall Way.
2. You must change the CURRENT Waterfall Way lot to residential.
3. You MUST bulldoze the original Waterfall Way, even if theres nothing on the lot.

Th problem was the neighbourhood rock decorations, by bulldozing the lot, you delete them. Gah. Any help you need, just leave a comment.