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Vampire CAS - Request (NO CC)

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Uploaded: 23rd Nov 2009 at 6:10 PM
Updated: 25th Nov 2009 at 3:45 AM
his CAS screen is a request by Countess_Pandora. A very old-world Gothic style vampire CAS for your bloodsucking Sims that think that "Cullen" kid is a total wimp. Create your Sim in the Grand Sleeping Chambers where they can get a good day's rest before they fly off to get a bite to eat. Once they've slipped into something more evil your Sim can meet up with their brethren in the Hall of the Damned---sounds inviting doesn't it? Carpe noctem!

*Please note, the screenshots were taken on a widescreen monitor; your view may vary on a standard screen.

Per Countess_Pandora's request, this CAS contains NO custom content, and only requires the Nightlife EP. This CAS has been created using the amazing AnyGameStarter by the even more amazing Numenor. Just simply plop into your Downloads folder, and you'll be sucking blood in no time. Muahaha!

Additional Credits:
Numenor for the AnyGameStarter
All the people who've written tutorials on creating your own CAS! screens