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Candy Crush Eyeshadow

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Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2010 at 12:26 PM
Here is my first attempt at eyeshadow. I call it Candy Crush because it looked like candy when I recoloured it in the pale, pretty colours. I think everything reminds me of candy, though Mmm candy.

It's got three recolourable channels. The first is around the eyelid edge, the second is in the inner corner of the eye and the third is up toward the eyebrow. Check out the pictures for more detail.

I made a custom thumbnail, which you can also see in the pictures below, to make things easier on you in CAS.

I recommend using pale tones in the inner corner of the eye, darker tones in the socket and medium tones up top. But, really, you can use whatever colours you like!

Feel free to package the eyeshadow with your sims or use it in screenshots, just remember to add credit (and a link where possible) and don't share the file on paysites.

Additional Credits:
Huge thanks to:
Delphy for CTU Peggy for the skins and hair seen on my sim
aikea guinea for the multifoiled replacement eyes.

The lipstick seen in the photos is Sweet Glo (smooth) made by me.