275 Cotton Branch Drive: 6 bedroom 4.5 bathroom: 6/9 on Teardown Tour!!

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Hello everyone! This home is yet another continuation of the Tear down tour, where nine homes are featured. The name of the tour is kinda self-explanatory... Each home in the series is a "tear down", or a major remodel of a smaller less fortunate house. Unfortunately, this home is replacing another which didn't quite make it to the tour. Don't feel bad though, this home deserves to be on the tour. It is truly one of the most beautiful and expansive homes that I have built in awhile. I took a great deal of time making every feature of this home perfect to my standards. In fact, it is a remodel. I built the original version of this house a long time ago in Riverview. It was one of my first in that neighborhood. A few months after, I decided to remodel it for this site. (The standards here are a bit higher then what state the home was in;]).

I completely gutted the whole house; Tore down every single wall, ripped out every speck of flooring, and likewise to the paints. The home went through a total transformation in exterior paint, landscaping, and even design. A garage was constructed, full wrap-around porch was added, and 6 new bedrooms emerged. Also, a lower level (basement) was added, with the finished attic. The home actually has 5 floors, but the 5th is accessible due to it's shape.

The home is ollllld. Very old--It still does fit the standards on the "Teardown Tour", because the home was altered or changed significantly. Here are some of the facts on the house:


Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: 4.5
[X]Y []N []Information 1-car built on house, with space for two cars on the driveway. Total parking space possible: 3 cars.
Fireplace(s): 1, Great Room
-Furnished:$279,689 Simloans
-Unfurnished: $188,930 Simloans
Other Information:

- Four floors of living space
- Architectural details throughout the whole home, both inside and outside.
- Finished basement with high-end second kitchen/bar, wine cellar, guest suite, and gaming area.
- “Toy Closet” in one of the 2nd floor bedrooms.
- Professional landscaping throughout whole lot, on all four sides.
- Victorian-style paint/stone job on exterior
- Formality in furniture
- “Old Style” Master bedroom, with antique furniture
- Wrap-around porch
- Original stairwell with access to all 4 levels
- Much, much more!

The Title Page

The Master Bedroom

The Kid's Areas

Other Cool Features
Anyhow, enjoy this home. It is a great one... There are only 3 homes left on this tour!!!!! One of which just needs to be furnished. You can expect that one to be up soon... like next week maybe?

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: F= 280K; UF= 190K