The Zodiac Collection

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A throwback to when a Sim's astrological sign still meant something, the Zodiac Painting Collection is a reminder of a much SIMpler time. Download the whole set and let these beautiful and heavenly visions decorate your Sim home in style.

These lovely watercolor masterpieces are painted by renown fantasy artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, whose work regularly appears in Realms of Fantasy Magazine and has adorned covers of books and fantasy gaming materials, alike. This particular set is a sneak peak at the art to be used in Llewellyn's upcoming 2011 astrological calendar and are used with the artist's permission.

Based on "Painting film noir", each painting has a price tag of 160 Simoleons and can be found under Decor/Wall Art. The Zodiac Collection will appear in your catalog as follows:

Zodiac Collection - Aquarius
Zodiac Collection - Aries
Zodiac Collection - Cancer
Zodiac Collection - Capricorn
Zodiac Collection - Geminii
Zodiac Collection - Leo
Zodiac Collection - Libra
Zodiac Collection - Pisces
Zodiac Collection - Sagittarius
Zodiac Collection - Scorpio
Zodiac Collection - Taurus
Zodiac Collection - Virgo

©2009 Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. For non-commercial use only. Feel free to upload with your lots but PLEASE do not upload to any sites requiring payment for subscription. If anyone makes money off of these, it should be Stephanie! If you love her work and wouldn't mind it on your real walls, too, visit her at her website, ShadowScapes.