Icons to Identify Base Game Content **DO NOT USE WITH PATCH 1.12.70**

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Uploaded: 11th Mar 2010 at 7:23 PM
Updated: 13th Sep 2010 at 12:39 AM - Mod now outdated

EA has finally done something right! With the installation of the new base game patch, 1.12.70, custom content is now identified correctly with a little folder icon. It also allows you to hide ugly EA stuff by using "Show Custom Content Only"

I STRONGLY recommend fully updating your game to the latest patch version!
Help with patching you game can be found here:

The Mods folder is set up a little different now and also goes in a different place.

Attached is a new Mods folder all set up for you. The file name is Mods.rar and is the last one in the list.

Instructions on where to put the folder can be found here:
Choose instructions for The Sims 3 is patched to 1.12.70 or above...

Instead of having to create a Mods folder, place the one below as directed in Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\ - note that's Documents (or My Documents, if you're on Windows XP) and NOT in Program Files!

Now you can move your mods from your old Packages folder. I recommend moving your old Packages folder to your desktop first.
Next delete the Mods folder that you just took the packages folder out of.

From the desktop you can move them, one at a time or in a group, to the new location. If you have Ambitions, I suggest that you move your mods one at a time and test them in the game before moving another one. Most mods are compatible with Ambitions, but some are not and you may need to get an updated version of them.

You can still use my icons ONLY if your Game is NOT Patched to 1.12.70 or above, and you do not want to patch!

Sims 3 does not mark custom content the way that Sims 2 does. This makes it hard to identify in the game. These thumbnail files assign a small icon to every Sims 3 base game object except fireplaces, fences and stairs. That way you know that any object with no icon is unmarked custom content. Sims 3 also does not have a way to sort objects by Style.
These 2 set of files fix this problem.
Basic Identification Thumbnails

This set of files puts a small green button in the lower right hand corner of the thumbnails. Any object with no button is unmarked custom content. You can only us one at a time, but you can switch them depending on what you want to do.

S3_Base_Plants_Only.rar gives

Style Identification Thumbnails

The first file in this set puts color coded incons in the lower right hand corner of the thumbnail. Any objects that do not belong to a certain style will have the small round green button. The rest of the files in the set contain color coded icons for objects belonging to a particular style. All other objects will have the small round green button. Any object with no icon is unmarked custom content. You can only us one at a time, but you can switch them depending on what you want to do.


All Thumbnails.rar contains the thumbnails I used to make the package files.

The In Game Name of objects do not always match the CatalogObject names so I have included copies of my spread sheets sorted by CatalogObject name and sorted by In Game Name.

Thumnail_xhtml_list.rar contains 2 xhtml files sorted by CatalogObject Name and In Game Name

Sortable_Thumbnail_List.rar is an Open Office .odt file
Open Office is a free open source suite that is far better than MS Office
You can download Open Office here:

There is only 1 known issue.
Real Flat Overhead Cabinet, that belongs to Modern Style does not have a yellow marker in the thumbnail. After spending a whole day trying to figure it out I gave up. It is obvious, in the game that it matches the Modern Style counter right next to it.

Files have been tested in WA and HELS
They been tested in Sims 3 base game but they should work. If they don't please let me know.

There is no custom content in my files but there is custom content shown in the screenshots.

Custom Content used in screenshots:

Simple Kitchen – Counters, Islands, Cabinets by plasticbox

LED Lights: 21 light meshes "Geniously Spartan by DaveyDaVinci

Kids CLock Collection by Lunararc

^ new Roof Recolors by tammy trauma

Add Colour to your Homes: 3 new Recolours ot the Sandstone Tiles Roof by Yogi-Tea

Sims 3: Seasons... in Terrain Form by matrix54

Paint some stones into your yard by lemoncandy

Large 4 Tile Canvas by Flabaliki

Additional Credits:
A special thank you to HugeLunatic who taught me how to make thumbnails!