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Lycanthropy University Major-FINALLY!

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Uploaded 12th Mar 2010 at 10:43 PM · Updated 13th Mar 2010 at 1:08 AM by illtemperedsnail

****edit***** NO I AM NOT A TWILIGHT FAN!!! In fact I abhor the very notion of it! I liked werewolves WAAAYY before this-I'm more of a American Werewolf in Paris/Wolf Man/Rise of the Lycans girl. lol**********************

There is a shortage of werewolf things in Sims (and in the world-I demand more werewolf things!), and I for one am here to help change that sad, sad fact! I absolutely ADORE werewolves (I've got a big ol' tattoo of one such snarly beast on my back!) and my sims demanded-DEMANDED I SAY! more things werewolfy-so I present you with this university major for your sims!
I plan to make a career later on, but since I am more familiar with creating college majors right now, I started off with this little number.

Hope you all enjoy!


Lycanthropy: The study of the Loup Garou, the Werewolf, the Wolf Man...This manner of beast will be your sole focus as you delve deep into the murky night in the light of the full moon. Go ahead, howl if you want to, it's extra credit.

Terminology: Lycanthropy to Loup Garou'
Lunar Phases: How to Make the Most of a Full Moon
Grooming: What to do With All That Hair
Sewing: How To Mend Ripped Flannel Shirts
Biology: Canis Lupus and Other Canidae
Nutrition: More Than Just Meat
Physical Education: Four Legged Racing
Music: Expressing Yourself by Howling

Has it's own GUID
Custom icon created by me.
Has it's own skill set:
body cuz yer so buff now, charisma cuz you are just awesome and everyone loves a good werewolf, and a tad of creativity to deal with all that hair, logic to know how to act like a wolf but still keep your humanity in tact and mechanical so you know how guns work to dodge those silver bullets with precision.
Don't forget about FrikaC's Majors Made Easier ! You will need that to use this custom major!

Additional Credits:
Thank you so much to FrikaC for Majors Made Easier and whiterider for the AWESOME tutorial!!!!

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