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GeneCo career based on Repo! The Genetic Opera

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Uploaded: 9th Jun 2010 at 2:08 AM
Updated: 12th Jun 2010 at 6:27 PM
I have not seen one single piece of Repo! custom content on this site (*edit* - have found some on http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/). I don't know if people haven't heard of this movie, but it has plenty of Simming potential. That being said, this is my first upload, and I think I did pretty well! I have played and tested in my game and it works just fine. My Sim gets in the car when it's time to go to work, she gets promoted and gets bonuses and the promotion music plays. If something doesn't work, please tell me!

I have all the expansions and three stuff packs (Teen Style, M&G, and Celebration), but if you notice that it doesn't work, please let me know.

It's taken me about three days to get this right, but that's because I'm a fast learner and I'm a spelling/grammar Nazi. However, if you do see something that's spelled incorrectly, LET ME KNOW.

There's only one problem with this career, and that is the lack of clothing available to fit these jobs. Seriously. Like I said, I think this is the only piece of custom content related to this movie. It's a dirty shame, but if someone wants to help me with clothing, please message me! I'll be more than happy to add it in and reupload this!

Chance cards included, just so you know. Some are really short, but most are humorous.


Patient (M,T,W,TH,SU, 7am - 3pm, $100): Months and months of grueling organ replacements is your future. You must work off your debt some way…but how? Maybe improving your Body and Logic skill is in order?

Graverobber (W-SU, 9pm - 4am, $200): There seems to be only one way to make ends meet now, and that’s by stealing Zydrate from fresh corpses. It’s your job to steal and rob graves. It’s not glamorous work and technically GeneCops have the standing order to shoot you on sight…work on your Cleaning and Logic skill to keep them guessing, and make friends with Amber Sweet. She’s a notorious Zydrate addict…

Laboratory Maintenance Technician (T,W,F,SA,SU, 5pm - 11pm, $250): Finally, you get to make an actual dent in your debt to GeneCo. Sure, scrubbing out the beakers that once held the organs now residing in your friends isn’t quite what you had in mind, but it sure beats dying in the street. Improve your Cleaning and Charisma skill, and watch out for Luigi Largo’s trusty switchblade…

Gentern (this is for male and female. I couldn't figure out if the waiter-looking guys following Luigi around were actually waiters or what, so I just call them male Genterns. The chance card for this level is a bit wonky, but you should be able to figure out what the options mean.) (M-F, 9am - 5pm, $325): (female)You’re moving up in the world. Now you command a little more respect than the average bimbo. The work is easier, the pay is higher, and the perks are more rewarding… especially if you get on Pavi Largo’s good side. He has a fondness for the female Genterns…
(male) You’re moving up in the world. Now you command a little more respect than the average bum. The work is easier, the pay is higher, and the perks can be rewarding… the female Genterns love a man in uniform…

GeneCop (M,W,F,SA,SU, 10pm - 5am, $400): Shooting people and taking checks! What could be better? People are afraid of you, and for good reason. You’re a beast with your weapon, one of GeneCo’s loyal toys. Work on your Logic and Mechanical skill for a nice SurGEN promotion.

SurGEN (M-F, 8am - 4pm, $600): “Lungs and livers and bladders and hearts, you always save a bundle when you buy our GeneCo parts! Spleens, intestines, and spines, and brains, all at warehouse prices, but our quality’s the same!” You go from shooting people to cutting them up. Great! Still holding the power of life and death in your hands, now the goal is not to kill people. Don’t be the bearer of bad news to Rotti Largo, though, because it spells doom. Improve your Creativity and Body skill so you can get out of the line of fire. Literally.

Repo Man/Woman (M,W,F,SA,SU, 10pm - 3am, $750): “The claims medic gives no anesthetic! Ninety days delinquent gets you Repo treatment!” No, not you! Now you get to have some real fun! When the payments stop, GeneCo sends in the Repo Men… in this case, you. Life and death is still in your hands, and now, your mission is to take out the defaulters. Good news, too, because most of the patients you operated on ended up dead anyway… Impress the head Repo Man, Nathan Wallace, and work on your Charisma and Creativity skill if you want, and maybe you can show your face in public again. Or not.

Genetic Opera Performer (T-SU, 8pm - 1am, $800): Time to rock out with your… well, you know. Anyway, Rotti Largo has seen your potential as a performer for his Opera and wants you to open for his daughter… who’s opening for Blind Mag. Hey, who’s that girl hanging around her? Isn’t that the head Repo Man’s daughter, Shilo? She’s supposed to have a blood disease. She isn’t allowed outside… Anyway, your face is technically hidden by a mask, but your name is still in the program every evening. Plus, you’re making bank! Impress Largo a little more and he may promote you further… Some Charisma and Logic improvement will behoove you.

Heir Apparent (M,T,W,TH, 11am - 4pm, $1050): Largo just got the devastating news: he’s terminally ill. He has only a week to live. Normally, this wouldn’t concern you much, but you’ve just received word that in addition to his children (Luigi, Amber Sweet, and Pavi) vying for their places in his will and Shilo Wallace (who is unaware that she may inherit something), you are also being considered for a chunk of the Largo fortune—including the company. It’s no secret that Luigi and Pavi want to run GeneCo badly (their sibling rivalry gets worse by the day), but if you improve your Creativity, Logic, Charisma, and Body (y’know, to dodge the knife that Luigi is so fond of thrusting into people) skill, you just might outwit the terrible trio.

Head of GeneCo (M,T,W, 12pm - 5pm, $1850): You’re on top now! Rotti’s dead after the tragic showdown at the Genetic Opera House, and after the dust has settled and Shilo Wallace, the final potential heir, fled into the early morning, you have been named Rotti Largo’s successor. Rotti’s kids aren’t too happy, though… Neither is the public. They’ve seen the damage that repossessions can do to the whole community. Maybe an image revamping (for both GeneCo and the Largos) is in order…

*edit* Okay, so the icon in the overview is what you see when your Sim goes to work. There is very little distortion in terms of what you see, and it fills the square in the queue. See the images provided - I finally got my screenshot to work.

If there's any problems, like I said, please let me know. Chance cards are included for all ten levels. Only one (the SurGEN one) can potentially get you fired, but several can bump you all the way back down to Patient. And I know that some of these pay amounts are a little hefty, but those of you familiar with the movie know that the Largos are the richest and most powerful people in the world.

Thanks, and if you like this, please hit the "thanks" button!

Now then...this would be really hard to edit I guess (it's not clothing or anything), but don't put this on another site and claim it as your own, okay? Or just plain old put it on another site, at least without asking. That's mean.

Additional Credits:
Just want to give a shoutout to Lionsgate, Darren Lynn Bousman, Terrance Zdunich, Darren Smith, and everyone who had a hand in this movie. I'm not making money off of this, I'm just a fangirl with a bright idea.