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Gwrych Medieval Butcher and Candlestick Maker Home Businesses

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Uploaded: 11th Jun 2010 at 11:49 PM
Updated: 17th Oct 2010 at 2:19 AM - Updating Info
Gwrych Butcher and Candlestick Maker UPDATES
June 2010 "Same-Day" Update
I have corrected "playability" issues I found after playing with the lots a bit more. For those of you who downloaded before I caught the errors and updated the zips, I apologize. You may wish to redownload the 2 lots! I'm making a note of the changes below. Both lots have been updated to reflect the following: In the Butcher Shop...I moved the phone in the stairwell so it won't block your Butcher going upstairs. I also rearranged the furniture on the balcony so your Sims can watch (crystal ball) television and paint in comfort. In the Candlestick Shop...
I removed a few of the wall candles to make restocking easier. I added an outdoor invisible refrigerator to use with the grill. The outside invisible refrigerator is over the sack covered bucket near the front doors. I also added a third door to deal with traffic overflow in the small candleshop. This seemed to solve the problem for me, but if it doesn't work for you, you may wish to remove the 2 crates in front of the window on the inside of the shop! Please do enjoy the downloads!

August 2010 Update
I used many barrel and invisible objects created by Sophie-David. David has updated his "Ye Olde Copper Barrel & Sack Miscellany" collection (found HERE with "ehanced animation, meshes, thumbnails and extra recolours". Be sure to peruse the thread, download what you want and overwrite those files in your Gwrych Downloads in-game folder. David's invisible items can be found HERE, HERE and HERE. There is also a very unique update to the Apartment Life Mailbox that you may find useful found HERE.

I mainly used the trash barrel, the trash bucket, the simple barrel (with slots), the simple bucket (with slots) and the barrel endtable, as well as a few choice bucket contents (apples, fish, wheat, etc.). I also used the invisible dishwasher and a few invisible mirrors. However, there are other objects in these sets that will be used in the Gwrych March, Barony, Other Gwyrch Lots and Gwrych Fantasy Island collection of lots which will be uploaded separately as they are completed. So please checkout the above links and decide for yourself what you wish to include. The files sizes are nominal and while there is a great selection of choice, once you get to see the objects in action and familiarize yourself with how things work, it's so WORTH it from a Medieval point of view.

Since Gwrych already has a Kingdom Baker...I present you with the Butcher and Candlestick Maker!
GWRYCH BUTCHER SHOP (Residential / Home Business)

Man surely cannot live by bread alone. T'is a grand thing to have a local butcher to provide you with more fulfilling sustenance!


Lot Size: 1 x 1
Lot Cost: 30,310 Simoleons

Lot Description:
Butcher Shop, Apple Tree and Apple Barrels to sell, Flour Sacks to Sell, Chickens for the Slaughter, Chess and Darts Board

Upstairs: 1 Single Bed, Upstairs Bathroom (1 tub/1 toilet), Balcony Activities (Trashcan, Easel, Crystal Ball Television), Kitchen area, Stack of Books to read

There are two separate lots here to add to your Gwrych hood. Both are home businesses built on 1 x 1 lots to give you the freedom to place them anywhere. I placed both lots in the same vicinity as the Bakery (near the working class and poverty row houses).

To run your own home business, you need to first click on the Stairwell door (in both lots) and lock it to keep customers out of the upstairs "living" area. Then, click on the telephone and then on "Business" to start your own home business. Follow the instructions given using the Home Business icon at the upper right side of your screen to select the items for sale, etc.



You MUST CLICK HERE to download the following Butcher Shop items from Retail Sims in order for your Butcher Shop to show properly in the game:

...from page 1 (Deli Packaging, Sausage Fest, Choking Chicken, 2 Knives)
...from page 2 (Meat Cubed, Chicken Legs, Hanging Sausage, 3 Choking Chickens, Sausage Feast 2)

Note: You may wish to download all available meats in the Halal Butcher set to have more of a variety of choice in what what meats you sell in your home business. Also...I noticed that the "Hanging Sausage" link is not working properly...but you can grab that specific item from the Pre-OFB Halal Butcher set HERE. Since the sausage is a purely decorative item, it does not matter that it was created before Open For Business.


GWRYCH CANDLESTICK MAKER'S SHOP (Residential / Home Business)

Whilst in modern times many take electricity for granted, those in Gwrych live and oft die by candlelight. Don't forget ye candles!


Lot Size: 1 x 1
Lot Cost: 35,693 Simoleons

Lot Description:
Downstairs: Candle Shop, Guest Toilet, Chess, Barbecue Area, Darts, Candle Display Shelf

Upstairs: 1 Single Bed, Separate Tub and Toilet, Kitchen with Invisible Mini-Fridge and Dishwasher, Television and Stack of Books to Read


Please read this if you are having problems AFTER entering a lot or are receiving an error message about "counters without doors". Otherwise, view this as general information about Gwrych lots.

Apparently, you CANNOT use "move objects on" to place objects on the back of a counter where there is a kitchen sink. In some of my Gwrych lots, I found an error with placing sponges in the back corner of counters that have kitchen sinks. Initially, I thought it was that sponges could not be placed on counters where there is a kitchen sink, but have since discovered that no objects should share the counter tile when there is a sink in the counter. If you have found you were receiving a counter error when entering a Gwrych lot with a Sim...there may be objects sharing kitchen sink counter space (like the hour glass, sponge, plant or jars) that I overlooked in the process of fixing this problem. Please understand that this may NOT be the issue if your game is constantly crashing. It is just one possible solution I offer. Testing the Gwrych lots on different computers has resulted in ALL Gwrych lots being playable from this end. As errors are encountered during game play, solutions are also sought. If you are only having problems with a few lots, this may (or may not) be part of the problem. To fix this problem, all you need to do is to load a new version of the lot, enter it WITHOUT A SIM and delete any objects that are sharing a counter with a kitchen sink. Also, if you notice there seems to be no sink in an area where there should be one (especially bathrooms and kitchens)...try adding a sink to the empty counters. If you cannot place a sink on a counter, that counter should be deleted and put back in the game before adding a sink. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Remember, enter the lot WITHOUT a Sim to make changes.

Adding clutter to the back slots of counters that do not have a kitchen sink appear to work just fine. So clutter away on counters without sinks!


Custom Content: MAXIS RECOLORS:
(Included in the Zips File to be Added to Your Downloads Folder)

- BJE Serf's Up Furnishings:Counters, Refrigerator, Beds, Table, Chair (Post 6 from A Midsimmer - Night's Dream) by Magick Modders
- 2 Strawbed Beddings and Pelt Rugs (Post 6 from A Midsimmer - Night's Dream)
- Maxis Build Recolors: Just a Door Recolour (Post 3 of the Dark Project) The Guild Masters
- Sun King Drawer Wood Recolour BillySims139
- Spring Onion Tavern Table, Chair and DartBoard RecoloursParsimonious Sims 2
- Medieval Wood Bedframe by RoseIsRed
- Dark Barnwood Maxis Chest of Drawers and Chair Recolours by DLMulsow
- White Dart Board Recolour by Macey246
- Medieval Pig and Candle Shop Sign Recolours by sunni9676
- Fallout Maxis Easel Recolour by Purity Project
- Invisible Dishwasher by Sophie-David
- Invisible Mini-Fridge by Sophie-David

Custom Content by Me:
- Medieval Floor 3
- Medieval Floor 4
- Beach Grass Terrain 1
- Medieval Terrain 6
- Medieval Terrain 7
- Medieval Terrain 19
- Medieval Wall 150
- Medieval Wall 151
- Medieval Wall 152
- Medieval Wall 1
- Medieval Wall 37
- Medieval Wall 39

Custom Content Included:
- Lantern & Black Recolour by -Maylin-
- Old Coffee Maker by -Maylin-
- Antique Bread Roll Basket by mdhttr323
- Chess Barrel by Aligeth
- Light Straw Roof by Corvidophile2
- Medieval Money Chest (Cash Register) by Crocobaura for the Dark Project
- Insane Sorcerer Crystal Ball TV by wintermuteai1
- Weathered Floor and Wall by DL_Muslow
- Flickering Mercenary Candle Cup by Huge Lunatic
- Invisible Smoke Alarm by pfish
- "The Bazaar" Genie's Lantern by Kate
- "Imperial" Duo Wall and Floor Lamps by Kate
- "Pirate Bay" Shelf, Counter and CrateKate
- "Pirate Bay" Build Set (Door and 4 windows)by Kate
- Clump of grass by Lethe_s
- Mortar and pestle by Lethe_s
- Trashed Wooden Bathtub by MaryLou
- Medieval Bathroom Set: Sink and Toilet by Taroo
- Antebellum Wall Lamp by Taroo
- The Simple Life Seating by Berg
- "Good Ol' Times" Coal Stove (UV) by Numenor
- Horizontal Magazine Rack by Numenor
- Vulcan Meditation Lamp by nixnivis
- Antique Scroll-in-a-Box Table Phone by Hysterical Paroxysm
- Holiday Candle and Off White Recolour by Reyn
- Grill by feeEssen
- Ye Olde Copper's Barrel Collection: Sacks, Barrel Chairs, Barrel Tables, Barrel Buckets(with 3 recolours) and 4 Content Recolours by Sophie-David
- Open/Closed Business Sign - Candle by sunni9676
- Targas Supa Fridge by Lord Darcy at MTS2
- Dishes by Taroo
- Wall Mask and Pelt 2 and 4 Recolours by The Guild Masters
- UK1967_Medieval_Column_2 by UK1967
- 2x3 Floor Rug by Numenor
- Xanathonian Crystalsphere Personal Conjurer (PC) by xanathon
- Antique Cooking Fireplace by -Maylin-
- Broom and Bucket by -Maylin-
- Antique Vases by Taroo
- Medieval Awnings by Crocobaura
- 3x4 Floor Rug by Nicolafred
- Handcart and Axes (from Anno Lot) by Hexameter
- 2 Hens by Taroo
- "Pirate Bay" Column by Kate
- Waterbutt by Lethe_s
- Open/Closed Business Sign - Pig by sunni9676
- Pelt Rug 6 by The Guild Masters
- Pelt Rug 3 by Magick Modders
- UK 1967 Medieval Column 2 Dark Recolor by UK1967