Twinbrook with Business Lots Only

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Uploaded: 18th Jun 2010 at 9:48 PM
Updated: 18th Jan 2012 at 12:06 AM - clarify compatiblity

I am tired of EA's incredible greed and outrageous prices for junk! I have moved to Second Life and am no longer supporting mods here. Feel free to do anything you want with my mods. There are very, very simple tuning mods and easily altered. If you enjoy playing Sims 3 I hope you continue to do so.

Since EA in their infinite stupidity broke CAW when they released Ambitions I have been suffering from CAWWS,
(Create a World Withdrawal Syndrome).
So I decided to clear out all the houses in Twinbrook.

**You must have Ambitions to use this World**

World Editor isn't as good as CAW but it helps relieve symptoms of CAWWS. World Editor lets you put lots anywhere they will fit.

Here's a fun little function. If you bulldoze an already empty lot it goes away completely.
Then you are not restricted by the lot placements that came with Twinbrook.
For example you can bulldoze 2 small lots and replace it with a larger lot, or several smaller ones.

Find World Editor in the game here.

The Fog Emitter discovered by Goggalor goes even farther towards relieving CAWWS symtoms.
It lets you set all kinds of neat effects like birds, waterfalls, snow, rain etc.
There is a short demo at this link.

To get the Fog Emitter press Shift+Control+C then enter the cheat buydebug. Then go into Buy Mode and you will find Fog Emitter here.

There is a complete list of effects attached.


Unzip file to your desktop. Then you will have a FOLDER called Twinbrook - All Empty Lots.sims3
Put the whole FOLDER in your Saves Folder.
It is usually found here:

C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Saves


**You must have Ambitions to use this World**

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Goggalor for discovering the Fog Emitter and the great demo here: