Add More Traits to Your Sims! (GEN Compatible)

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Uploaded 6th Jul 2010 at 10:05 PM · Updated 15th Jul 2011 at 12:56 AM by Rainbow_Brite

This Mod is Compatible with BASE + WA + HELS + AMB + FLS + LN + OLS + GEN
Patch 1.22/2.16/3.12/4.9/5.7/6.4/7.2/8.0 Compatible

What This Mod Does:
This mod allows you to add more traits to your Sims without having to use AwesomeMod. By saying this I mean, once you add the new traits to your Sims, they actually become functional within your game. So, for example, if you add the charismatic and great kisser trait, under the 'special' option on your Sims menu.. you will now have those two NEW options that you can use along with any other traits that you have previously added. For this to work.. you do, however, have to have Twallans Master Controller mod installed. You can find that here: To add more traits to your Sim, simply select your Sim, click on 'Master Controller' --> Advanced --> Traits. Then a window pop-up with all of the traits that you can add to your Sim. If your Sim already has a trait, it will have 001 next to the trait name. Any trait that your Sim does not have is 000.

Known Issues:
1. A user without a ScriptError mod installed will simply see their Sim reset (upon aging up). If a user does have a script error mod installed, they will receive the pop-up error. The Sim resetting itself is just a minor inconvenience, however the user will need to set the traits using the Shift-Click "Modify Traits" afterward. To avoid this, you can move onto a different family in town before an age-up occurs, as inactives are unaffected by the issue.<-- Thanks to Twallan for pointing this out
2. I've also noticed that some Sims will not age up properly unless you drop down their traits to EA's default.. let them age up and then re-add all of the traits you had before. I have done this and it fixed my Sim from getting the error message that they did not age up at their birthday party.
This isn't really an issue -but-
3. Also, any Sim that is generated by the game will be automatically assigned the maximum number of traits allowable for their age due to this mod.

!!This mod IS compatible with AwesomeMod. AM already allows you to add more traits to your Sims, as well as some other traits that Pescado added. I'm not sure what the cap off is of AM allowing how many traits your Sims can have but I am currently running AM with this mod and have not come across any issues.

There are 4 versions of this mod. The default settings for traits are as follows:
Young Adult and Older: 5
Teens: 4
Children: 3
Toddler: 2

For the _7 version of this mod.. the trait settings are as follows:
Young Adult and Older: 7
Teens: 5
Children: 4
Toddler: 3

For the _10 version of this mod.. the trait settings are as follows:
Young Adult and Older: 10
Teens: 7
Children: 5
Toddler: 4

For the _15 version of this mod.. the trait settings are as follows:
Young Adult and Older: 15
Teens: 10
Children: 7
Toddler: 5

For the version _20 version of this mod.. the trait settings are as follows:
Young Adult and Older: 20
Teens: 15
Children: 10
Toddler: 9

All of these numbers are the maximum amount of traits you can add to your Sim. If you have the _20 version and only choose to use 7 traits, the mod will still work correctly.

This Mod is NOT compatible edits the TraitManager_XML file.

Core Mod?
This is NOT a core mod and should not interfere with any core mods installed.

Where do I install this mod?
C:/Documents and Settings/YourComputer/My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages

Peter Jones: S3PE Utility & Twallan

!!Please feel free to PM me or post comments if you have any questions or problems!!

~ºHappy Simmingº~
*Rainbow_Brite* (RB)