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10 pants - ripped, stained or not - Maxis basegame recolors

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2010 at 9:00 PM
Updated: 25th Jul 2018 at 11:27 AM

10 pants - ripped, stained or not - Maxis basegame recolors
10 jeans. Pants. Cargos. Call them whatever you want. :D

No mesh needed! No EP needed! As simple as they can be, Maxis Basegame recolors. :D

Ripped, stained, or not, some with shoes, some with boots. 10 fabulous versatile colors matching a LOT of stuff, matching my 14 tees, the longer ones I'll soon upload, the untucked ones I might upload, a lot of Maxis stuff, and even probably a lot of the custom stuff you have. Very casual and open to possibilities.

Take a look at the Maxis one from which I started. It's really not bad! Reason why I won't be making defaults of these : the Maxis ones are really not bad at all!

But, there's still a few things I didn't like. The pockets, for one. They're ok, but I didn't want to bring them along on my new set. I wanted a set without them. I also didn't like to just have a limited choice of colors. And I didn't like how the shoes would always catch the eye more than anything else, they have better contrasts than the pants themselves.

Well, I turned the spotlight away from the shoes a bit, making them more neutral, more "wallflower" so the attention is dragged where it should be. The belt sticks out a bit more, having less of an "old rusty" feel than on the Maxis original. Along the different pairs, I also changed the color of the little buttons right under the belt to match the belt itself.

And of course, some of my pants are ripped. There's two different models for rippings, e5 and e9. You can look at the pictures joined for more information on each model.

These rippings took me forever to make and adjust. I made them from scratch. Still, I wanted them as realistic as possible and the model pics I had were tiny, blurry, pixelated, and overall NOT helping much. This has tested as much my guessing-skills as my artistic-skills.

As I only texture and don't mesh, the rippings don't stick out outrageously in 3D, but I think they're still pretty cool. For those of you who can see BumpMaps, the BumpMaps here make the cotton around the rippings appear as all gathered in some areas, irregularly, just like it would if you ripped your jeans a little randomly. You can also very well see your Sims' skin through the holes.

I didn't find much for non-mesh-requiring ripped pants when I looked for some anyway, so why not try these ones?

10 realistic colors, neutral enough to match about anything. Ok, maybe not the one all stained with blood. But maybe you'll find Sims to wear even THAT everyday.

Check the picture bin for more information. Some come with boots, some with shoes. Some are ripped, some are stained, some are just plain. Depending on what top your sim wears them with, the "just plain" ones can turn out pretty chic. I think I'd need some of these in real, myself. :P

I won't have time to accept much requests anymore, consider this set as complete and final.

I might make an untuck-friendly version, I will have to see about that, it will depend on how much trouble it would be for me, and on the freetime I'll get (or not get) for myself. :P

This set fits Adults and Young Adults. I'll soon be uploading a similar set fitting Teens too.