Paine from FF X-2

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Uploaded: 17th Aug 2010 at 12:20 AM
Updated: 4th Mar 2015 at 12:46 AM
First of all I want to thank those who gave me feedback when I redid this sim. Without you I couldn't have finished her, since there are so many small details you don't notice yourself. I've even managed to make some custom eyes that turned out well I think

Paine has short silver hair and red eyes. Armed with a one-handed sword and a lukewarm attitude, no one knows much about her except that she is cynical, rather quiet and generally keeps to herself. Paine is extremely tough and loves a good fight, but she is also sensible enough to smell trouble a mile away. If she feels her fellow Gullwings are getting too enthusiastic, she uses sarcastic cracks to jolt them to their senses, and despite Rikku's constant prying she refuses to divulge any information about herself, except that she has always wanted to fly on an airship and hunt for spheres containing records of Spira's past.

Paine's black and red outfit is included, but if you prefer only that and not the sim itself you can find it here (Nightlife EP needed):
Paine's outfit

Not included:
Sadly Paine's hair is not redistributable, but you can find it here made by Rose (The grey recolor is something I did and can't be found there):
Rose's Paine hair

Paine's purple and black Lady luck dress, made by ScorN:
Lady Luck dress

Custom Content by Me:
- Paine sim
- Paine's eyes
- Paine's eyeliner
- Paine's skin (Rensim base)
- Paine's outfit

Custom Content Included:
- shady_smooth-brows-black by -Shady-
- Ephemera_AsiaStyle_TypeV_03 by teru_k
- Anva - Sclera Mask -Medi- Blush Section by Anva at MTS2

Additional Credits:
Eliskuya in darkness, HystericalParoxysm, mistyblue4 and isa_love_anime for helping me finish all the details.