Dr. Carlisle Cullen (from Twilight Saga)

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Hey there! Here I am again with another person from Cullen Clan. So please meet doctor Carlisle Cullen.
Carlisle Cullen is the founder and leader of the Olympic Coven. He is the husband of Esmee Cullen and the adoptive father of Alice, Emmet, Edward, Jasper and Rosalie. Besides he is a brilliant doctor.

If you want him to look like on these shots, you need to download the following content:


Non-default skin tone for face by LadyFrontbum here

Default skin tone for body by Peggy here

Hair style from EA Store here


Casual top from EA STORE here

Formal top from EA Store here

Scarf by Peggy here


Awesome mod here

Ahmad’s facial sliders here

Custom Content by Me:
- Eyes with small iris and pupil
- Male real brows

Additional Credits:
Many-many thanks to all guys at the Creator's Feedback forum, especially to Malfoya, heavent_sent_8_18 and JAKINCOL. Thanks a lot. You really helped me. And additional thanks to that guys who created custom content which I used. Thanks very much.

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