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Madison Park | A Fountain Path

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Uploaded: 3rd Mar 2011 at 3:56 AM
This tiny and colorful park was designed to fill and enliven the useless leftover spaces in highly populated areas. A flagstone path winds its way around a series of brightly colored, asymmetrically placed fountains that give a whimsical feel to the park. At night the fountains are lit from below the water and they create circles of playful, colorful light that mark the pathway. A swing set and slide keep the neighborhood kids entertained while the adults gather around the park barbecue to share gossip and hamburgers. This park provides a tranquil getaway from the busy, hectic city surrounding it.

Custom Content:

No custom items were used in the creation of this lot.

Since the official lot sizes in the game are so limited, I used the ijLotSize mod from Inge at Simlogical so that I could create a long and narrow lot. The park is on a 9x30 lot, and since the closest size included in the base game is a 20x30, twice the size of the park, there will be a lot of empty space. If you don't already have a lot size editor, I definitely recommend installing Inge's mod and editing it to create a 9x30 or 10x30 lot. While this mod is recommended, it is absolutely not required. The mod can be found here.

Price to Rent:
non-exclusive access: §200
exclusive access: §350

Lot Size: 9x30

During the daytime, the park appears friendly and inviting. The path practically begs people to walk down it.

At night, the fountains are bright, colorful, and playful, creating an exciting and vibrant atmosphere.

Lot Size: 1x3
Lot Price: N/A