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EA Rings for Teens thru Elders

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Uploaded: 4th Mar 2011 at 2:07 PM
Updated: 19th Jul 2014 at 4:24 PM
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I started poking around in CTU again, and discovered there was a additional ring that doesn't show up in CAS, though anyone who has played the game, has seen it, the engagement ring. It's that really shiny ring that shows up when one sim proposes marriage to another, then it disappears, as shown in the Propose Marriage image. If you haven't noticed, it's also the same ring that's used when sims get married and exchange rings. It will again disappear, as mysteriously as it showed up. As shown in the Exchange Rings image.

Changes and Things You Should Know
  • These are Default Overrides, only editing the CASP resources for each of the rings and is compatible with Base Game of any patch level.
  • Each of the rings has the same recolorable channels as the originals
  • Rings will show up for Males and Females - Teen through Elder
  • There is some slight clipping if you use the Female Rings or Engagement Ring on Males
  • Also worth noting, the Male Rings look a bit large on Females and you may have a situation where a Male Ring will show over a Female Ring if you put them on the same finger.
  • The Engagement Ring will NOT shine and sparkle as seen in the Propose Marriage interaction
  • If you choose the Double Rings version, the second set of rings show up in the Gloves Category, you won't be able to use Gloves if you are using a Ring and Vice Versa

The Defaults - 5 Rings
EA gave Females three rings:
  • Glass Ring, Teen thru Elder, goes on Middle Finger - 1 channel
  • Wedding Ring, Young Adult thru Elder, goes on Ring Finger - 1 channel
  • The Engagement Ring is designated for Females and hidden in CAS - 3 channels
EA gave Males two rings:
  • Accessory Ring, Teen thru Elder, goes on Middle Finger - 2 channels
  • Wedding Band, Young Adult thru Elder, goes on Ring Finger - 1 channel (EA also made the Male Wedding Band available for Females)

All 5 rings show up for Females and Males - Teen through Elder, Sims can only wear 1 ring at a time

Double Rings
Same as the Rings version, but a second set of rings is listed in the Gloves section, Sims can have 2 rings on at the same time. Though if you choose to use the rings from the glove section you won't be able to use gloves and vice versa

Engagement Ring Only
Added an upload for those who simply want the Engagement Ring to show up under the Rings Category in CAS with the other rings.

Resources and Patch Info
Requires only the Base Game with any Patch level and overwrites the following CASP resources:
  • amAccessoryRing
  • afAccessoryRingWeddingBand
  • amAccessoryRingWeddingBand
  • afAccessoryRingGlass01
  • afAccessoryFingerEngagementRing

Additional Credits:
Delphy for CAS Texture Unitool
pjjones for S3PE