Apple MacBook Pro - Updated 24 Jan 2012

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Uploaded 15th Mar 2011 at 7:44 PM · Updated 14th Jun 2012 at 3:58 PM by Marky Boy

Finally! Another one of Apple's overpriced gadgetry comes to SimNation!

This one in particular is a 2009/2010/2011/2012 13" MacBook Pro, and it is the closest replica that I could get of my own laptop, owing to limitations of the current modding software I used, such as not being able to move joints, etc. If this was a little bit different, it will glitch horribly.

Anyway, confessions over, the laptop has three re-colourable channels, which are the screen casing, the unibody enclosure and the mousepad, which a Magic Mouse is in place.

It is cloned from the Base game laptop.

Anyway, although the laptop itself is fine, there will be some simmers, like me, who's so obsessed with accuracy that aggravation is met when the hands actually don't tap the keyboard.

That is why I made another version, with the trackpad up and the keyboard down, just like the Sims 3 laptop, so that the Sims are actually typing on the keyboard!

The laptop costs §2,200, whether it is the normal version or the Sim version.

The unibody, the screen's lid and the mousepad can be recoloured.

Both versions do not conflict with each other, so you can have both of them in game.

Update on 24 Jan 2012 - v1.11: I also have uploaded two revisions of the file: v1.01 is the original file and is for games without Pets and has a patch below 1.26. v1.11 is the new file, and is a fixed file to make this laptop work with games with either Pets and/or Patches 1.26+. Both 1.11 versions have been tried and tested on Patch 1.29.

Polygon Counts:
Both versions have the same mesh - only difference is the position of the keyboard and the trackpad on the overlay texture.

MLOD00000 - 845 vertices, 968 faces
MLOD10000 - 56 vertices, 46 faces
MLOD10001 - 56 vertices, 46 faces
MODL00001 - 299 vertices, 217 faces

Additional Credits:
I'd like to say thanks to:

TSR Workshop
Various people who have helped me with issues regarding to this laptop

RIP Steve Jobs 1955-2011. Thanks for helping create my laptop. You will be missed by the Mac Simming community.

Style: Contemporary Modern Ultra Modern
Room: Living Bedroom Study
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

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