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Concrete & Cement Floors

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Uploaded: 13th Mar 2011 at 12:04 PM
I use Maxis's stucco walls often for deserty-type buildings as well as for "public" buildings. To match them, I recolored the concrete steps from Uni to match the Maxis stucco walls because, at least in Southwest-style buildings, steps often match walls, so I needed colors other than grey. I then needed/wanted some cement and concrete floor tiles in order to create walkways, driveways, patios/courtyards, entryways, landings, and garage floors and such that also match. So, I made them. I thought that someone else might want them, too, especially if they download the stair recolors. So, here they are.

These mash together some elements of the textures of Maxis's Sid's Cement Flooring (without the drain) or Maxis's Discrete Concrete with the colors and textures of Maxis's stucco walls, in order to make what attempts to look like stamped cement or stamped concrete floors colored to complement the Maxis stucco walls. So, they are available in 16 colors each, which I believe are all of the Maxis base-game stuccos. (Some of the colors are very similar to each other, but the textures are different when viewed up close. This is how Maxis made 'em, not me. I included all the colors due to OCDness/completism.) There are separate downloads for the cement and the concrete tiles, in case one might want the one kind but not the other.

All the colors:
(These are just the cement floors, but the colors of the concrete floors are the same. However, there is a pic of all the concrete colors attached below, too.)

The latte color in the cement version, to show the tiling better:

The latte color in the concrete version, again to show the tiling better:

And here's a pic of the two versions of the latte color, in actual use, with the matching stair that you can find in a different upload if you want them. The cement version is used on the porch landing. The concrete version is used on the walkway. The pic also shows the wall that goes with these pieces: