A Horde of Granite Countertops

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Uploaded: 27th May 2011 at 6:21 AM
I use Buggybooz's kitchens pretty much exclusively in just about every house that I play because they're just that awesome. More importantly, the pieces all match, which is something you just can't get with Maxis stuff. I've also had a passion for granite countertops since getting them in real life a few years ago. So, I wanted a bunch of granite countertops in a range of colors/patterns to use in my Sim-houses, so that I'd have a counter to coordinate with just about any color scheme and style that I might use. Since granite naturally comes in a huge range of colors and patterns, that was fairly easy to accomplish. So, I figured I'd share and spread the Granite Love to those who also have Buggy Love. All of these are real, naturally-occurring granites from around the world, some of them extremely rare and so in real life would be hideously expensive.

Because these are fairly large in file size (about 300KB each, compressed), I've broken the download into two sets of 30 counters each. Here are pics of the counters included in each set.
Set 1:

Set 2:

These images were all culled from top-down in-game pics of two island counters side-by-side, taken indoors in an average amount of light. They are meant to show the colors/patterns included in each set. Here is a full-size version of the Crema Bordeaux pattern, to show more detail:

Please note that some of the more boldly-patterned granites in this set will have "tiling" issues if you place a long row of empty cabinets next to each other. This is generally not a problem in what I call normal use, when countertops are broken up by stoves and sinks and small appliances and clutter and what-not, as you will see in the sample pic below and those that are attached. However, if you're a person who places long, unbroken rows of empty counters or long, empty island counters in your houses, a few of these might not work so well for you. From the pics above, you can easily tell which those are and discard accordingly.

I have only recolored the countertop of the counter, not the cabinet. However, since the Kitchen Basic set is repositoried, this will also recolor the other counters, the stoves, the sinks, the backsplashes, the dining tables, etc. Also, if you have Buggybooz's Shakerlicious Kitchen, these counters will be added to your options for that set as well. Because Buggybooz is just that awesome. Per Buggy's policy, The mesh is not included. If you don't already have the Kitchen Basic set, you'll need at least the basic counter from the set here. (Although you really want the entire set if you don't already have it. Trust me.)

Here is a pic of a sample kitchen (with a few more attached) that includes Kitchen Basic sinks, appliances, and backsplashes. I deliberately chose a pattern, El Paso, that doesn't "tile" as well, to show that with "normal" use, it really isn't an issue. Here it be:

Note: If you're curious, the counter in the icon of this post is the Geriba Gold pattern.

The files are all Compressorized and all are clearly named so that you can toss the ones you don't want. For your convenience, I have included the labeled picture of the countertops that are included in each of the rar files in order to facilitate the weeding process. They are better-quality versions of the collage pics on this post. The files are also RARed in their own folder so that they will be together in a separate folder and easy to find when you unRAR them into your Downloads folder, again to facilitate the weeding process.

Enjoy the igneous goodness!