Rustic Suburban

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Uploaded: 3rd Jun 2011 at 4:01 PM
Updated: 7th Nov 2020 at 9:14 PM
2020Remake - because Mama Oldie really likes this pool!
Now the house is even better - and with a little less CC. Please see the pictures for before and after changes.
I left the old file up in case anyone wants it - it was built with AGS and uses less EPs/SPs (it only needs BG, Ssn, and K&B) The new 2020 Version was built with the UC on my Win10 pc.

CC used/pictured - but not included (go get them, if you want them!):
- Invisible Driveway by Sophie-David @ MTS2
- Invisible Smoke Alarm by pfish @ MTS2

New 2020 Remake Specs:
Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: $81,460

2020 Remake - Custom Content included by Me:
- Contempo FirePlace REC by CatherineTCJD @ sims2artists
- Seasons GreenDk Paint/Wallpaper by CatherineTCJD @ MTS2
- Seasons Rose Paint/Wallpaper by CatherineTCJD @ MTS2

2020 Remake - Custom Content included
- Craftsman Window (Maxis Replacement) MASTER by tBudgett @ MTS2 - this overrides the original window.
- Craftsman Window and Door Add-Ons by tBudgett @ MTS2
- Contempo FirePlace by Raggedyanne @ sims2artists
- Transparent glass floors (sunroofs) by Frillen @ MTS2
- Dead Grass TerrainPaint by Jasiek123 @ MTS2

ORIGINAL upload/post follows:
Well, when the Oldies decided to leave their beloved "1970's Suburban" home and move across town, they were pleased to find this house so quickly. They were actually able to do some renovations to the house before making the big move.

The first thing they did was finish out the basement and add the swimming pool. They really liked the privacy of their old pool - but always complained it was too cold to swim during the winter months. So, this time when they converted the garage to a swimming pool, they completely enclosed the pool AND added a heater. Now they can have their morning swim every day of the year! (Mr. Oldie made sure there was still a place to park their car this time - that was always a bone of contintion at their old house.)

The kitchen needed updating; and the main living areas were badly in need of a paint job. Mama Oldie is very pleased with how everything turned out. "This is IT. This is my house!" She said. "I knew as soon as I saw those beautiful Craftsmen-style doors and windows. They just don't make 'em like that anymore! I know, I know, you gotta shine each little pane - but, for me, it's worth it!"

I made this house with the aide of Numenor's AGS (Any Game Starter) - Thank you, Numenor! I used a bit of CC - it looks like a lot, but it's mostly walls, floors, and tBudgett's Craftsman Doors/Windows/Arches completer set. The files have been scanned clean with S2PCI. You need only the Basegame through Seasons with Kitchen & Bath to be able to use this lot.

  • Lot size: 30X20 (3X2)
  • Around 1,589 sq ft covered living space - 3 bedroom, 2 bath, great room with a modern, open firplace, kitchen, formal dining room, indoor heated pool, and a space to park your car.
  • Around $47,095 simoleons - I say "around" because I have extensively re-organized my build/buy catalogues and, in doing so, re-priced most everything. I don't know if this will effect the cost in your game or not. If it does, maybe your Sims qualify for a huge tax break? Inheritance? Or, it's their turn to win the lottery?
  • The Master suite has a rather private patio with a steamy hot tub included.
  • It is mostly Unfurnished - Kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, lighting, carpet, tile, wallpaper, and basic bedroom furniture is included
  • Wired for cable/TV
  • Invisible alarm systems included (for both fire and burglar)
  • All appliances, including the water-heater and AC/heat-pump, are electric
  • The color scheme is a bit dated..., but features themed boy and girl bedrooms
  • Natural stone and wood floors are featured in the high traffic areas
  • Fully remodeled and updated modern kitchen/breakfast bar
  • Indoor heated swimming pool with both a standard diving board and a bonus pool slide
  • An open, completely finished basement/game-room/craft-room - with a full window of the swimming pool
  • Beautiful Maxis-matching Craftsmen-style doors and windows
  • Two central skylights
  • Nicely landscaped with an eye toward easy maintenance
  • Parking slab uses "backwards parking technology" - because it's safer to nose out (instead of backing out) into traffic; and the driver's door is closer to the front door!

Thank you to all the creators of the beautiful CC I used in this house - especially tBudgett for these fabulous doors and windows!
Thanks too, to the writers of tutorials here on MTS2.
Jonesi - for her Skylight Tutorial
psychosim0 - for his Driveway Twist for Dummies tutorial.

If you don't already have the following - go get them!
(These are neccessary for this lot, and not included in the sims2pack)

- Invisible drivewaynightlife Sophie-David @ MTS2

- IndestructableconcretemodularrecolorableHugeLunatic @ MTS2
*No script file is needed.

- ChicStairsMAIN by Huge Lunatic @ MTS2
*No script file is needed.
**This needs to be installed for the 'Open' ones (next in this list) to work. This is the Master

- ChicStairsMAIN_Open by Huge Lunatic @ MTS2
*Please follow HL's directions for installing the script file for these stairs (It's easy to do!!!)
**This is the Slave. It needs the Master (listed directly above) installed to work properly.

- Craftsman_1Tile_Arch by tbudgett @ MTS2
- Craftsman_1Tile_Door by tbudgett @ MTS2
- Craftsman_1Tile_InteriorDoor by tbudgett @ MTS2
- Craftsman_1Tile_InteriorDoor_Diag by tbudgett @ MTS2
- Craftsman_1Tile_Kitchen_Open_window by tbudgett @ MTS2
- Craftsman_1Tile_Privacy_Closed_window by tbudgett @ MTS2
- Craftsman_1Tile_Tall_Open_window by tbudgett @ MTS2
- Craftsman_1Tile_TallNarrow_Closed_window by tbudgett @ MTS2
- Craftsman_1TileOn2Tiles_Tall_Closed_window by tbudgett @ MTS2
- Craftsman_2Tile_Arch. by tbudgett @ MTS2
- Craftsman_2Tile_Door by tbudgett @ MTS2
- Craftsman_2Tile_Tall_Open_window by tbudgett @ MTS2
- Craftsman_3Tile_Tall_Open_window by tbudgett @ MTS2

Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: 47,095

Custom Content by Me:
- contempfireplacerecol1
- seasonsgreendktextpaint From the Season's EP - with it's trimmings CatherineTCJD
- seasonsminttextpaint From the Season's EP - with it's trimmings CatherineTCJD
- seasonsrosetextpaint From the Season's EP - with it's trimmings CatherineTCJD

Custom Content Included:
- AVENIDAwall2_183 by Avenida @ AvenidaSims
- MyChicCounter-UpperCabinet-Mesh by CTNutmegger @ MTS2
- "March of the Small Gumballs" Wallpaper by Holy Simoly
- Transparent glass floors will give a classy look to your house.Frillen July 2005 by Frillen @ MTS2
- The Great Divide in Dirt Dark by aelflaed @ MTS2
- ShowerExpensiveBackless by Huge Lunatic @ MTS2
- hlconcretestairsrc by iCad
- Cement and concrete flooring to match Maxis's stucco walls.Made by iCad at MTS. by iCad
- invisibleburglar and smoke alarms by pfish @ MTS2
- Jade paint with gold trimfizzbomb SFB by Fizzbomb @ SimsFashionBarn
- Walls by pktechgirl @ junipersun
- Metro brown by Chrissie @ pimp-my-sims
- Blue marble by Moune999
- nmCountryKellyWall by Made by Henwen for SFB 11-27-07
- Blue1_Floor_Tile_Ohbehave by Ohbehave @ MTS2
- Pavedfloor1b by komosims
- contempfireplace by Rgdyanne @ Sims2Artists
- From sim-placement::TS2. by sim-placement
- Walls and floors by Simlin55 @ komosims
- Snazzy shingles for your craftsman houses.By SixtyTen @ AweSims
- Squirts Leizy Dreaming Wall by SimSquirts @ Sims2Graveyard
- Dead Grass by Jasiek123 @ MTS2