Low-Poly Retaining Walls (A.K.A Slope Hiders) with No Fences - Instructions Added

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Uploaded 30th Aug 2011 at 8:54 PM · Updated 11th Oct 2011 at 2:42 AM by tbudgett : fixed link

I wanted a Low-Poly version of my retaining walls/ slope hiders. Since, lately, I don't use the fenced version very often, anymore.

I've added Instructions to the screenshots.

These will not overwrite the old verions. So, You can have both sets.

The fenced version is HERE

The walls have a slot which allows most decorative objects and plants to be placed without using the "moveobject on" cheat.

Flowers, Bushes and trees seem to do fine, but not all of them will place.

They will work on any slope up to 2 stories.

You can find them in Deco/Misc

IMPORTANT: Don't use the "moveobject on" cheat when placing, It may mess up object placement. If it does just turn "moveobjects off" and get a new hider.

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Polygon Counts:
tb-RetainingWall_Corner-3Sides-Mesh-LOW POLY-No Fence.package: LOW POLY Retaining Wall - CORNER (3Sides) - NO FENCES - 72
tb-RetainingWall_Corner-Mesh-LOW POLY-No Fence.package: LOW POLY Retaining Wall - CORNER - NO FENCES - 60
_tb-RetainingWall_Str-Mesh-LOW POLY-No Fence-MASTER.package: LOW POLY Retaining Wall - STRAIGHT - NO Fences - 36

Style: Not Applicable
Maxis Flags: