Amelia - A Doll Story

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Hey Everyone,

Today I'm gonna be a story teller,I found a fancy story with title "Amelia" in a library called MTS2 so please listen to me.Once upon a time exactly in the Victorian era in a small town there was a beautiful lady called Margaret Victor who loved her 8 years old daughter Amelia,she was very beautiful and kind after a year Amelia got sick with an epidemic disease Margaret called a doctor to see her after the doctor examined her he told Margaret that its unknown disease,she sobbed. she tried to heal her with herbs but she cant after 3 weeks Amelia got hard fever and then she died.After Margret knew about her daughter death.

"What can i do for you my little girl how can i help you sweety ?" Margaret said
"Don't be sad madam she is now in better place" Doctor said.
Amelia's death ruined Margaret's life she cant eat,sleep without her,She was talented in making porcelain dolls so she made a doll one with black hair to resemble her daughter,dressed her a white gown,named her Amelia and put the doll in her bedroom.

years and years passed she thought that the doll is her daughter she every time she call her
"Talking to the doll - Amelia why don't you answer me ?"
"Why don't you eat with me I made for you cookies" Margaret said

Every day and Amelia doesn't answer her.
One day,The good fairy Vania heard Margaret calling and crying to her doll to answer her ,so she decided to help her.At night the fairy went to the doll and brought the real Amelia's spirit to the doll's body,Suddenly the doll brought back to life

"Where am I ? Who are you ? why I'm a doll" Amelia said."I brought your spirit back into a doll's body,don't wast your new
life,bye bye" Fairy Vania said"Wait Wait , "I didn't understand what she said" Amelia said,The fairy disappeared.Amelia ran to weak up her
mother and told her that she is back, "Mom weak up I'm back weak up" Amelia said, "WHAT, Who are you " Margaret said
"I'm Amelia your little daughter cant you remember me ?" Amelia said
"how could you get back to life" Margaret said ,"The fairy Vania Told me .............." Amelia said
"Ohh my little angel you are back thanks to fairy Vania " Margaret
They lived a great life and Margaret treated her daughter with love but our real life isn't easy like fairy tales hope you Enjoy.To be continued .


Note : This Sliders needed to make the Sim appear good.Otherwise, her face will snap to normal ranges.

*CAS Sliders by jonha : ( NOTE : For Amelia " Head Size , Shoulder Width ,Neck " )
*Head Shape Slider by jonha : ( Note : For Margaret , Fairy Vania and Amelia)
*Skin tone by -Mallow- :
*Custard" Anti-Puddingface by HystericalParoxysm "only for Margaret and Fairy Vania" :
*Pointed ears as CAS sliders by CmarNYC " only for the Fairy Vania ": ( Note : For Fairy Vania )

Margaret Victor:

She is an Adult " Traits : Brave , Genius , Artistic , Grumpy , Charismatic / Favorites : Autumn salad , classical , Brown " ( I uses head shape slider only for Margaret)

-custom contents for Margaret only :

* The Small Glasses of Margaret by me ( included )
( Polygon Counts : 489 , Found in accessories from Teen to Elder )
* Esci-oh my eyes contacts by escand from " Oh My Tiffany -an eye set-" :
* Eye bags by Kitty :
* Under Your Brows (Basic Brows Set) by HystericalParoxysm " I used the third eyebrow " :
* Lip Stick by Lemonleafs :
* Everyday , Formal clothes by all about sims " Victorian Jacket , Long Skirt-3 Styles , Victorian Blouse-2 Styles , Bustle Skirt " :
* Undies,Athlitcs by all about sims " Adult/YA Corset , Adult/YA Bloomers " :
* Accessories by Rose " Third Earring " :

Amelia The Doll:

As you see she is a child " See below her adult pic , Its a bit creepy cause the sliders of child is limited if we compare it with adult sorry about that " Traits : Family Oriented , Good , Friendly / Favorites : Cookies , kids , white " ( I used Head Size , Shoulder Width ,Neck , Head Shape only for Amelia )

-custom contents for Amelia only :

* Blush , lipstick , eye contacts , Eye brows , Dress mesh : by me ( included )
( The blush , lip stick : 3 channels.) ( Doll Dress Polygon Counts : 1925 , found in Everyday,Formal,Undies )
* Free Hair by peggy :
* Hair bow by LemonLeafs :

Fairy Vania:

She is a young Adult " Traits : Lucky , Good , Friendly , Neat , Charismatic / Favorites : Grilled salmon , classical , lilac" ( I used Pointed ears,Head Shape only for Vania )

-custom contents for Fairy Vania only :

* Fairy Dress , Fairy wand meshes : by me ( included )
( Fairy dress Polygon Counts : 2173 , for YA and A , found in formal and everyday clothes ), (Fairy wand Polygon Counts : 294 , From teen to elder , Found in accessories )
* Formal Dress by monca533 :
* Eye Contacts by Arisuka :
* Hair by Savio :
* Fairy wings by Catherine :
* Head Crown by simmami :
* Blush by Lemonleafs :
* Eye brows by Jessica_2020 :
* Candy Lip Gloss by :
* Eye shadow by emmzx :
* Eye Liner by rose :


Please note that I have packaged the three sims with EA hair and EA default skin.

How to install:

Here there are two the first contains the 3 sims " Margaret , Amelia and Fairy
Vania" While the second contains custom contents by me.Extract the sim. file from
the zip.Place in My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims.
In the game, go to the Premade Sims Bin in Create A Sim (CAS).

Additional Credits:

* Special thanks to : Arisuka , monca533 , Elexis, Really thx guys you helped me a lot " Please go and thank them " I bothered you alt buy you keep helping me really big thx for you all

* Also big thx to : HystericalParoxysm for her face replacement from teen to adult " I was about to give up this upload " , FREEDOM_55 , Jasumi ,EsmeraldaF , moryrie , Redhead Creations.
Without you guys I wont complete my project to thx to all ppl who helped me and creator feedback.

Custom Content by Me:
- Doll Eyebrows
- Doll Blush Make UP
- Good Fairy Gown
- Good Fairy Wand
- Little Doll Gown
- Victorian old lady glasses
- Doll Lipstick Make UP
- Doll Eye Contacts Make UP

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