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Sims 3 Landscape Calendars 2012

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Uploaded: 25th Nov 2011 at 2:58 PM
Updated: 26th Nov 2011 at 10:23 AM
Have you seen the tiny calendars (paintings) that came with Pets? I don`t like them because
1st) they are too small and
2nd) they are always showing the same picture and units of time

I was inspired to create my own landscape calendar sheets which are big enough to be readable by the Sims and the player in front of the screen.
The calendar sheets are based on the original USA calendar for the year 2012 with some holidays and dates marked in red. Of course, they are written in Simlish. The pictures are showing 12 different landscapes from the original neighborhoods from The Sims 3.

These paintings are base game compatible and shiftable if you have the EDIT: Late Night and not Apartment Life expansion pack.
You`ll find the calendar sheets at Decorative - Wall Hangings and they cost just 3 simoleons each. BTW, this is ONE painting (one mesh) with 12 presets.

Additional Credits:
The calendar sheets are based on a mesh by Aikea Guinea