**REQUEST** "Freeze!"-Police Posebox

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Uploaded: 13th Feb 2012 at 11:04 PM
Updated: 20th Jun 2012 at 4:25 AM - Change in EP requirements
This was my first ever request, and I'm proud that I was able to do it! ^o^

Burglars! Oh No! Thank goodness our officers were there to protect and serve! Well except for dude in the corner.....

There are 14 poses- 9 "police" poses and 5 "reaction" poses. I called some of them reaction poses because they can be paired up with the other nine poses to make a couple pose. Not sure if I'm explaining properly, take a look at the screenshots to get a better understanding.
I also FINALLY figured out how to add the "snap reset" to a posebox! so that's in there as well. A snap reset allows you to return your sim back to normal if you forget the pose you used. Pretty handy huh?

The Posebox is free and can be found in the Hobbies/Misc Section.

Here's what it looks like:

The poses are named "Police Pose 1-9" and "Reaction Pose 1-5". You can take a look at the screenshots to match up names to poses.

Ok, it took me FOREVER to find guns suitable for this posebox. In the end i had to recolour Locoroco's "Lara Guns" and make them available for male sims. The guns are available for download as well, just download the rar named GUNS. The guns can be found in the Glasses section. You can equip one or the both guns. Some of the poses use the left hand gun. Those poses are:
-Pose 3
-Pose 5
-Pose 8
-Pose 4 uses both guns


EDIT: I've had to change the ep requirements for my poseboxes from basegame to Bon Voyage. The reason for this is I have BV installed, and because of this SimPE as a default made all my poseboxes compatible with BV and up. I didn't know this, so I assumed since I used no BV content, it would be compatible with base game. If anyone has any eps installed before bv, or even basegame, and is still able to download and use my poseboxes, please let me know!

Thanks to Huge Lunatic for clearing that up!
Special thanks to Knightman, at whose request I made this posebox. I think it's my best so far! :D

Thanks to the makers of simpe, milkshape3D, Dr. Pixel and wes_h for their programs/mods that make creating poseboxes easier!
Also thanks to alinetjuh of modthesims, who explained how to convert female things to male/both genders.

Additional Credits:
police uniform
police car
decorgal's posebox
Lara Guns
conversion tutorial