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Norrisology - A Major with Norris Skilling

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Do you desire to be amazing? Powerful? Manly? Do you wish you were as cool as Chuck Norris? Those of us at the Norrisology Association have devoted ourselves to helping Sims like you. Talk to a Norrisologist today and ask how you can enroll in your local University's Norrisology degree to embark on a path of improvement! This path is not for the faint of heart though. Do you have what it takes?

Major Title

Major Description
Norrisology: Some have called it the study of strength, discipline, masculinity, and being awesome. They are only partly correct. Roundhouse kicks are also involved. Chuck Norris demanded its addition to the curriculum.

Class Titles
  • Chuck Norris 101: Why is he kicking and punching those men? Am I next?
  • Yes, You Were Next: Discipline And Why You Deserved Every Punch
  • Strength Training: Martial Arts And Using Facial Hair As A Weapon
  • Bravery: Beating The Odds, Not Just The Bad Guys
  • Advanced Roundhouse Kicks: Fighting Without Losing Your Hat
  • Advanced Masculinity: Growing More Chest Hair Than Bigfoot
  • Mythical Awesomeness: Everything About Him Online Is True
  • Advanced Norrisology: Accepting That You'll Never Be As Great As He

This Uni major focuses on the Body, Mechanical, Logic and Charisma skills. It was cloned with permission from Phaenoh's Product Design Major. With every semester, your Sim will gain a skill point in the Norrisology Skill. Those with Norrisology skills gain powers which are but a fraction of the awesomeness of Chuck Norris.

  • "Norris Yell": If the Active Sim is outside, he/she can shriek upward towards the heavens. The sound waves of such pure awesomeness will dislodge a satellite from its orbit, sending it plummeting towards earth. Fear not! The awesomeness of any Norrisologist ensures that no Sim will be harmed from falling space debris. This is a self-interaction; click on your Sim to find the "Norrisology" pie menu.
  • "Give Strength": Being strong is important, but so is helping others. This allows the Active Sim to transfer a Body Skill point to another Sim. (Of course, this means that the Active Sim must have at least one Body Skill point to perform this action.) This will cause a boost in your Sim's relationship.
  • "Give Norris Pep Talk": Encouraging others can greatly help them. If such encouragement comes from someone as awesome as a Norrisologist, then their Aspiration meter will be maximized and they will either be cured of any illness or their Comfort will be maximized. If a Norrisologist approves of you, perhaps even Chuck Norris would too! Doesn't that make you feel better? This will cause a boost in your Sim's relationship.
  • "Give Confidence Pep Talk In the Romance Department": If a Norrisologist says that your Sim is a good catch with a sexy plumbbob, that Sim will seem to be irresistible (love potion effect) with an additional Charisma skill point. If the Sim is a Romance Sim, they will have their Aspiration level maxed so they'll strut because they know "they've got it" and should flaunt it. This will also cause a boost in your Sim's relationship.
  • "Knock Out": Punches and a roundhouse kick will knock out a Sim. This will have negative results on the relationship. The Sim will be passed out cold (regardless of Energy level) for an hour. Not even the "Wake Up" self-interaction will rouse them.
  • "Humiliate": This is the same as the "Knock Out" action, but the Sim has their clothes punched/kicked off them in the process. So they're naked in addition to being KO'd. How embarrassing! Well, that's what someone with a mere fraction of the power of Chuck Norris can do. This will have an even greater negative result on the relationship.
  • "Fatal Knock Out": This is also like the original "Knock Out" action, but with lethal results. Yes, the relationship still takes a hit, even more so than the "Humiliate" action. Killing someone tends to have that kind of effect on a relationship.

All Norris powers, whether on the Active Sim or on a Target Sim, can be found under a "Norrisology..." pie menu.

Although the major only requires University, the Norris powers (the plugin and social object) use code from Nightlife and OFB. If you only have Uni, download the major and the token. The token has no function on its own. It's useless without the plugin and social object, but the major uses the token and thus expects you to have it. (Likewise, the plugin and social object are useless without the token.)

To register you Sim for this major, you will likely need FrikaC's Majors Made Easier or whatever other mod of preference you use to select custom majors.

Additional Credits:
Phaenoh for her Uni major as a base.
whiterider for her tutorial.

Major type: N/A / Other

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