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"Where Is My shellDoorMetalGlass?" LN Building Shell Workaround

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Uploaded: 20th May 2012 at 3:50 PM
In the current update (1.3x), Poor EAxis makes every the door in building shell using a shellDoorMetalGlass door inaccessible and show a white box instead telling us it is missing, while it is not. This bug apparently does not affect the already placed building (such as buildings in Twinbrook), but only affect if you place a new building shell if you want to build a tower.

I think this does not affect everyone, only some. Because I cannot find any workaroung or people talking about this by Googling. Only some BBS posts. Not more.

fig 1. Where is my shellDoorMetalGlass?

While it is not an urgent, but it is ultra-annoying for tower-builder like me. So, I looked for this object in LN package, extract the OBJD data, and modify the catalog entry so it will shows up in Debug -> Misc catalog.

1. TestingCheatsEnabled true, RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings false, BuyDebug true
2. Ctrl + Shift + Click the White Box
3. Select menu 'Delete it'

4. Buy the door from catalog

5. Place the door. Make sure it face forward

At least this is a workaround until someone (or hopefully EAxis) will fix this. Sigh

fig 2. GiLaNg was mad with shellDoorMetalGlass

This mod is not required to be attached with the building if you want to upload your building. To uninstall, just remove the package. No additional pain required. Already enough pain from EA

Hopefully this will help some people who experience this crap too.

Additional Credits: S3PE myself