Pixie - Contacts and DEFAULT replacement eyes

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Uploaded: 7th Jun 2012 at 8:31 PM
Updated: 24th Jul 2012 at 7:53 PM

After a while, I came back to publish these eyes that I have created. It has been difficult, but eventually I managed to create also the default replacement eyes, so, this post will include both!

The two eyes (contacts and defaults) came both with a realistic sclera and pupil.
The contacts have 3 recolorable channels, 1 for the whites, 1 for the global eyes and 1 for the highlights; you can be creative, just DO NOT change the white channel.

As usual, to have these contacts to work perfectly you have to replace the original EA's eye texture, BUT you are very lucky, because:

This download will include also the default replacement eyes, that will work as an original replacement!
Just put all the packages in your Mods folder, and when you are done, remove it. TA-DA!

The default replacement eyes came WITH TWO DIFFERENT COLOR! In game you can change just ONE color, but the other will change automatically to adapt on the one you choose, I really hope you like it!

Of course, let me know if you don't like this 2-type color, I will provide the default replacement eyes with just one color!

*** 24 - 07 - 2012 ***
FIXED the problem with the kids and added a monocromatic version of the default eyes! :D

Additional Credits:
- Hairs (man Showtime, woman High End Loft Stuff) and clothes (man Showtime, woman Pets) in the first picture by EA
- Hair from the other girl picture by Wojtek
- Michael Barry by faalq