Miniature Breeds - Part three

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Hello everyone! Wow, it's certainly been a while. I guess you could call this part the 'black and white' collection, seeing as I chose to do an American Eskimo, Newfoundland and a Dalmatian. They are supposed to resemble the puppies of those specific breeds, and are therefor small. I know it's been a long time since I did one of these, I was very busy with school. I've you're unfamiliar with my previous sets here's a link to those:

Miniature Breeds - Part one

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A part 4 will come very soon, after that I'm planning on moving on to a new 'collection' I guess you could say. I will probably continue making these types of dogs if requested, so please don't be afraid to mail me new ideas. well anyway, here are we go:

Newfounland; Jasper

This is Jasper, as you can see he's got quite a 'fro which attracts all kinds of ladies. You may think he loves the attention, but in reality he's quiet and friendly. He also loves to swim, and is great with kids! Make sure you give him lots of exercise though, he tends to be quite lazy.

Jasper's traits:
  • Likes swimming
  • friendly
  • quiet

Dalmatian; Domino

Although her name makes it quite obvious she's a dalmatian, she seems to mistake herself for a lion. She's courageous and loves an adventure. She'll protect you, and love you. She's great with children and also great with other dogs. She surely is one in a billion.

Domino's traits:
  • Loyal
  • playful
  • adventurous

American Eskimo: Apple

Apple is quite the genius, in fact it was once rumored she was Einstein's left hand send to the present to safe humanity from eternal damnation. But then again, that was just a rumor. She's proud, and won't put up with piggish behavior. She's great for eccentric sims, and musical sims as she's got quite the vocals.

Apple's traits:
  • Noisy
  • Genius
  • Proud


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Pet bed shown in Domino's photo can be found here