Bella Goth's dress - default replacement

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Uploaded: 23rd Nov 2012 at 8:33 PM
Updated: 18th Jul 2018 at 1:24 PM - fixed bump map
(1) Default replacement of aftopnaked
- 4 tops: pink, violet, black and blue
- Untucked

(2) Default replacement of aftopnaked_darkred (Bella's top)
There are two versions of this top, both untucked:
(a) with Nilou's texture
(b) with original texture (by Maxis)
Choose only one!

(3) Default replacement of afbottomskirttight (Bella's skirt)
*see another version with different shoes*

(4) Custom recolours:
- 3 untucked tops: white, green, yellow
- 7 skirts: white, green, yellow, pink, violet, black and blue *see another version with different shoes*

(5) = (1) + (2a) - (jewellery)
Default replacement of aftopnaked with no jewellery
- 5 tops: pink, violet, black, blue and red
- Untucked
- 20.VI.2013 - fixed bump map, please re-download

(6) Default replacement of aftopnaked-kbetty (the black sheer top and red bra)
Available in two colour options:
(a) black&red
(b) white
Choose only one!

Recommended download: mesh edit by CatOfEvilGenius


- textures by Nilou and Maxis

Additional Credits:
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