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Scott Pilgrim Project - Lucas Lee, Evil Ex #2 *includes bonus Tattoo*

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Uploaded: 25th Jul 2013 at 11:49 PM

Lucas Lee was a pretty good skater who became a pretty good actor. Tricked by Gideon Graves into joining the League Of Evil Exes, he is the second Evil Ex to challenge Scott Pilgrim over control of Ramona Flowers' love life. He has appeared in the films "Let's Hope There's A Heaven", "Action Doctor", and "You Just Don't Exist". In the film "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World", he is played by actor Chris Evans.

His personality in the books is slightly different from the movie version. Despite the rugged apperance, smoking, and being one of Ramona's Evil Exes, Lucas seems to be a decent guy who just never got past the breakup. After punching Scott in the head and tossing him into the upper stories of Casa Loma, he offers to take a break with some baby carrots, Gatorade, and Ritz crackers from his cooler. He also cries when talking about how Ramona cheated on him, but insists he's "super tough and cool". He is also a total sell-out as he's willing to let Scott bypass their fight by handing over all his money, but has some level of pride when challenged by Scott to grind the rail leading down from Casa Loma, causing his own demise.

As a special bonus, I have also included his custom Tattoo. This was placed via the Expanded Tattoo Placement mod. You can get it here or as part of MasterController.

CC List:

This Sim is packaged with a custom default skin, from Navetsea's Blog "Sexy" Version
Hair (Cupcake 15) by Lapis Lazuli
Facial Hair (Beard 1) by simplelife
Eyebrows by -shady-
Nose Contour "blush" version, by Arisuka
Natural Lipcolor by Arisuka
EyebagsV4 by tifa (found under 'other costume' listing)
Lively Eyes Defaults by -shady-
Grimmy Leather Jacket from the EA Store

Custom Sliders

This sim was made with Master Controller installed, with slider ranges increased to 3. If you do not have a slider range hack installed, adjusting his looks will snap them back to default ranges.

Brow Depth Slider by awtmk
Chin Width, Jaw Width, and Brow Outer Corner Height Sliders by ahamd (bella3lek4 of Modthesims)

He is pictured with Sleepwear from Master Suite Stuff Pack. He also uses the "dark eye circles" makeup from Supernatural. Both of these are optional.

Custom Content by Me:
- package file of a custom tattoo

Additional Credits:
Thanks to CmarNYC for the Tattooinator program, which allowed me to make his custom ink.