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BV's Axe Wood Campgrounds - NOW with Swimmable Lake

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Uploaded: 25th Jul 2013 at 10:50 AM
Updated: 31st Jul 2013 at 3:48 AM
My alter-ego-Sim (Cat) went on a relaxing camping trip a couple of weekends ago. Tent camping - no AC, mosquitoes, weenie roasts, cold showers, s'mores, dirty terlits, the whole nine-yards.
Relaxing? Oh, right...
"Let's go for a swim!" she said excitedly.
Sadly the campground owner told her the lake was not swimmable.
"Why not? Is it contaminated? What about the fish?"
"No, there's nothing wrong with the water - it's good, clean, crystal-clear mountain water. Some of the best eatin' fish in the world are right here in this lake. No... it's just that, well, there's no way to get into the water. And, if you do happen to 'fall' in, there's no way to get out!" He shrugged helplessly.
Without thinking Cat said, "Can I... I'll make you a deal. If I build a dock with all the necessary swimming accoutrements - can I go for a swim?"
"I'm not sure what you just said, but I know what a dock is... sure, go for it!"

And so, she did. You might even say she dived right in!
BV's Axe Wood Campgrounds found in the Three Lakes vacation destination

The overall look of the campground wasn't changed too much. It still retains all the rustic charm one would expect of a woodsy campground.

Cat's new dock - complete with diving board and ladder. You can fish from the dock or swim with the fishies; but, I wouldn't try doing both at the same time. Ouch.

Willie, the owner of Axe Woods Campground, was so impressed with Cat's work on the dock that he hired her to refurbish the main Comfort Station too.

See the interior shots attached below...

Without changing too much - each camp site has color-coordinated tents, a grill, table and chairs, garbage bin, a hammock, and a small 'relief' station.
(Shhh, Cat fixed these up too! She couldn't help it. It needed to be done.)

Only ONE Custom Content was used - and it is included - Frillen's fabulous Invisible Floor Tile. Which is part of his "Triple Magic" set of building tools - a must-have for creating swimmable lakes!

I built this lot with the aide of Numenor's AGS - you must have NL (Night Life), OFB (Open For Business), SSN (Seasons), and BV (Bon Voyage), in order for this lot to work properly in your game.

If you want to use this lot in place of BV's Axe Woods Campground (found in Three Lakes.) You need to 'bulldoze' the original Maxis lot (which will safely be put into your lot bin - to delete, or not, is up to you.) Then find this NEW and improved version in your lot bin, and move it to the appropriate place on your map. Easy peasy. Enjoy your swim!

Lot Size: 6x5
Lot Price: 62,778

Custom Content Included:
- Invisible Tile by Frillen @ MTS2

Additional Credits:
Thank you Frillen - without whom swimmable lakes that look good are impossible!
And Numenor - for the AGS tool.
And MTS - for a great place to 'play'