TESTERS WANTED: 4 new double beds + single bed versions **30Apr05: UPDATE**

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Uploaded: 17th Mar 2005 at 12:49 AM
Updated: 22nd Oct 2008 at 5:06 AM by whitesiren
I’ve been learning how to do 3D modelling for TS2. During this process I made 4 new beds for the game. They appear to be working fine in my game but right now I don’t have enough time to test them thoroughly. So, could you please test the beds for me?

All the 4 beds were cloned from the Colonial Ironwood bed and I linked the beddings to the original one. In this way, all the recolours (original or custom-made) of the original bedding will be available for the new beds. As for the frames, I could not link them to the original frame because they use custom textures. However, all the frames are colour enabled.

All the beds were made with SimPE 0.30, so they should be EP compatible. Since I don’t have the expansion installed, I’m not really sure about this. Moreover, the beds use new GUIDS, so they should not cause any conflict with other objects in your game.

Please report here any problem you find.

Thank you!

19 Mar 05 - I updated the beds:

1. Changed the catalog description for each bed. I had forgotten to do that and they were still showing the description for the original Colonial Ironwood bed.
2. Did some minor changes to the geometry of the 4th bed because some of the elements in its headboard were slightly misaligned.
3. Remapped the UV coordinates for the first bed. Its UV map is now much larger allowing finer recouloring.

The new packages will replace the older ones since I kept the same names.

26 Mar 05 - I made some slight improvements to the beds geometry. Also, I corrected the catalog description for the first bed, which was missing the bed’s name.

I made the single versions of the 4 beds. Hope you like them!

4 Apr 05 - Corrected the beds to cast outdoor shadows according to Numenor's solution posted here:


Thanks, Numenor!

5 Apr 05 - The procedure I followed to correct the outdoor shadows problem resulted in new recolours for the beds not showing in the game. Thanks to Havelock, who reported very soon the problem, I was able to identify and correct it.

I included in the zip for the first bed the recolour from post #59.

28 Apr 05 - Finally, I solved my problem with MilkShape registration! With it I was able to make versions of the beds that use much less polygons. New versions sizes:

Bed 1:

Vertices: 4547
Polygons: 5228

Bed 2:

Vertices: 1986
Polygons: 2972

Bed 3:

Vertices: 3462
Polygons: 4556

Bed 4:

Vertices: 6460
Polygons: 7052

For your reference, the poly count for the Maxis “Colonial Ironwood Bed” is:

Vertices: 10109
Polygons: 7853

These new beds will now also cast correct indoor shadows.

30 Apr 05 – Updated the single beds. New versions sizes:

Single Bed 1:

Vertices: 5070
Polygons: 5140

Single Bed 2:

Vertices: 1440
Polygons: 2128

Single Bed 3:

Vertices: 3024
Polygons: 3744

Single Bed 4:

Vertices: 6022
Polygons: 6368

As a comparison term, the poly count for the Maxis “Bed by St. Ajoque Reproductions” is:

Vertices: 6579
Polygons: 5413

I also corrected the indoor shadows for these beds.

Important note: In order to obtain the best optimization possible I completely remade some parts of the beds meshes. So, I had to remap the UV coordinates. If you made recolours for any of the beds please check them to ensure they conform to the new UV maps.