The Targhee Hotel

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The Targhee - a restful hotel, full of surprises

The Targhee Hotel nestles in the foothills of Simtopia. The restful grounds contain two ponds and a several relaxing patio areas where you can just sit and watch the wildlife go by. Why not send your simmies for a relaxing holiday here?

The hotel contains six guest bedrooms, all ensuite. The top floor is a penthouse suite of rooms, two double bedrooms (one room has two single beds pushed together) and a single with a separate lounge area for relaxing. The ground floor has two double rooms and a single room, whilst the first floor has two double rooms.

On the lower ground floor there is a lovely restaurant for romantic meals and if you would rather prepare your own each floor has kitchen nooks to enable you to make a coffee or a snack. This floor also has a relaxing indoor swimming pool and sauna.

On the ground floor you'll find a relaxing bar area or somewhere to read a book or two.

Outside, guests will find various verandas to relax on, a barbeque area, a fishing lake and lovely grounds to have a wander in. And we haven't forgotten the children, there is a small play area, accessed from the ground floor veranda, for the children to play, all safely fenced in.

The hotel boasts
1 Single room, en suite - 510 per night
4 Double rooms, en suite - 623-820 per night
1 Penthouse suite - 1,623 per night
Swimming pool
Several Terraces and Patios
Bar and Lounge Areas
Dining Room

Cost: 510-1,623 per night

Custom Content not Included
Hemnes Bed & 3 Drawer Chest recolour from IKEA Recolours Pack by Galliano
Ranchers Round Table & The Cozinator450 Chair recolour by Michelle at
Giggly grass & Fugly Fern from Verdant Velvet - Garden Greens by [email protected]
White Default Floor Edgers by [email protected]
White Roof defaults by [email protected]
[email protected]
Craftsman 2 tile tall closed window by
Craftsman 1 tile tall narrow closed window
Craftsman 2 tile short closed window
Craftsman 1 tile privacy closed window
Craftsman 1 tile tall closed window
Craftsman 2 tile door
Craftsman 1 tile tall tall privacy closed
Craftsman kitchen window closed

The hotel was built using a flat lot.
Builder/Landscaper: Ellenia
Decorator/Furnisher/Landscaper: Karen Lorraine

Lot Size: 5x3
Lot Price: 510-1,623

Custom Content Included:
- Plain Wood Siding - Cherry by [email protected]
- Wooden stairs recolourable by [email protected]
- Birch Tree Shrubby by [email protected]
- Planter no 2 large by [email protected]S
- Birch Tree Shrubby Larger by [email protected]
- Tea Corner Teatray by Moirae at MTSims Cakestore
- Tea Corner Teatray Recolour 2 (mid brown) by Moirae at MTSims Cakestore
- Flat rock by Nengi65
- Flat Rock Small by Nengi65
- Pebbles by Nengi65
- Scattered Rocks by Nengi65
- Scattered Rocks Small by Nengi65
- Standing Stone 1 by Nengi65
- Standing Stone 2 by Nengi65
- Pagoda Pond Rocks by [email protected]
- Pond Waterfall Base Game by [email protected]
- Bienchens Rosenbeet (red flower) by [email protected]
- Rosen Ohne Rot (red flower) by [email protected]
- Rosen Rot (red flower) by [email protected]
- Willow Clock by [email protected]
- BENNO Entertainment Center by [email protected]
- Rock Wall with Bottom Wood by [email protected]
- Rock Wall with Top/Bottom Wood by [email protected]
- Rock Wall with Top Wood 2 by [email protected]
- Survivall Chair by [email protected]
- Survivall Coffee Table by [email protected]
- Supa Fridge by [email protected]

Additional Credits:
Turn on all lights by [email protected]