No More Minor Pets and Wildflowers on Regular Spawners

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Uploaded: 9th Jan 2014 at 5:41 PM
This is a tuning mod that removes minor pets from the rock/gem/metal spawners, insect spawners and seed spawners. The second version also removes wildflowers, and a third version only removes wildflowers from the regular spawners.

To remove the minor pets from the regular spawners, I deleted the following lines from InsectSpawner_0xe8f21baeb6829d83, RockGemMetalSpawner_0x9c9ade5ce9947224 and SeedSpawnerRarity_0x8ef62d5500ccf18d:

<kSpawnableMinorPets value="BirdLarge, BirdSmall, Lizard, Rodent, Snake, Turtle">
<!--The minor pet types this spawner can spawn if the random chance to spawn a pet is successful.-->

To remove the wildflowers from the spawners, I changed the value in the Wildflower_0x3c2424d29ba417ef 0 for

<kChanceInsectSpawnerSpawnsWildflower value="0.25">
<kChanceRGMSpawnerSpawnsWildflower value="0.25">
<kChanceSeedSpawnerSpawnsWildflower value="0.25">.

Additional Credits:
Peter L Jones for S3PE