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Curly Fade Cut (default + non-default)

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Uploaded: 5th Jun 2014 at 8:55 PM
Default replacement of hairround:
- replaces all available colours and ages (Teen/YA/Adult/Elder)
- works for all ages (Toddler - Elder)
- mesh by Tenshii~Akari - included
- compressed

Non-default version:
- four natural colours + one grey for elders (included in the black file)
- available for all ages (Toddler - Elder)
- binned, family linked and compressed
- mesh by Tenshii~Akari - included

- mesh by Tenshii~Akari, textures by Tenshii~Akari and AlfredAskew
- colours by Remi (brown edited by me)

Additional Credits:
Quick Easy Hair Binner by CatOfEvilGenius
jfade's Compressorizer