You Snooze, You Lose!

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Uploaded: 20th Jun 2014 at 7:08 PM
I saw these cute pajamas that Veranka had converted from TS3 to TS2. But they were for women and teens, and my little girls really wanted some that they could wear. So I resized the pattern and sewed some little long johns... eight pairs, to be exact. So now your little Sim girls can wear the most impractical pajamas known to all Sim-kind... and still be able to go to the bathroom.

The pajamas come in eight colours: pink, green, gold, tan, aqua, grey, lavender, and blue.

These pajamas use a new mesh (included) that has a working fat morph (see the girl in lavender). No EPs or SPs are required.

Please note that there is a bit of weirdness at the waist when the Sim bends over. You can see it on the girl in grey (below). It may be because TS3 meshes have so many extra (and, in my opinion, unnecessary) vertices. I tried to get everything in the right place, but as you can see, it was tricky. So the fabric bags a little when the Sim bends over. No big deal (I hope).


Polygon Counts:
long johns = 3277

Additional Credits:
Thank you to all the hair creators!

Bound Up Bows by Trapping & Remi
Curly Hair by Trapping & Nymphy
Ponypuff Hair by melodie9
Short Bob by Trapping & Remi
Pin-up Pretty 3t2 by Bunhead
Beret Hair by CatOfEvilGenius
TSS Hairbands for Girls by fakepeeps7