The Ticky-Tacky 4-Pack

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Uploaded: 2nd Sep 2014 at 2:02 PM
Updated: 5th Sep 2014 at 8:25 AM by ElementMK
ETA 9/2: I've uploaded a revised version of these homes, in the "Ticky-Tacky Revision". They have some minor fixes, namely some flipped windows and an added top floor ceiling. This is my first creation for MTS, so if you notice any quirks or recommend an improvement, let me know!

Introducing the "Ticky-Tacky Four-Pack": A set of marginally different homes from Ticky-Tacky Enterprises!

Want to fill your town with cookie-cutter homes, just like real world subdivisions? These four modern homes have identical floor plans and indoor furnishings, but are slightly modified on the outside to allow you to quickly fill out a part of your town. They are fairly uninteresting on the inside, but they have all the necessities for a Sim to live.

- These homes are only built with base-game items. No CC has been used.
- All homes are priced under $18,500, making them easy choices for Sim couples. See below for exact prices.
- They are all built on 10x15 lots.
- Best of all, they are technically built to code! I think. I don't get paid to check the paperwork.

These homes are mainly intended to be filler, and I wouldn't recommend living in them unless you want to virtually live out the monotony of subdivision life. Put your favorite Sims in something better, and leave these to the townie plebs! The .zip file contains four self-explanatory sims3pack files. Pick and choose, or don't! I don't care; I was contracted for this job.

Bottom Floor:

Top Floor:

Lot Size: 10x15
Lot Prices:
- Brown: $18,032 Furnished / $13,986 Unfurnished
- Blue: $18,021 Furnished / $13,982 Unfurnished
- White: $17,785 Furnished / $13,766 Unfurnished
- Green: $18,209 Furnished / $13,957 Unfurnished