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Toddler Month - EA Talking Rabbit, Toy Oven and Xylophone in MLC Colours

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Uploaded: 3rd Sep 2014 at 6:25 PM
This is Days 18,19 and 20 of Toddler Month

So going through the toys that EA provided for Toddlers - we get the truly horrible looking - Talking Rabbit. Coloured in pathetic pink, and a texture that is so pixelated that it makes me cringe.
Here are 6 recolours in MLC colourways - where I've increased the texture size to give better definition. I don't know what EAxis was thinking!
This rabbit head is a little different to the original - it has eyelids and eyelashes - so much more personality.

NOTE: a known problem with recolours of the rabbit is that when the toddler is playing with it, it reverts to the original texture. Once the toddler has finished playing it goes back to the recolour.
Leefish, Huge Lunatic and I have all looked into it, but we haven't found a solution to the problem yet.

I googled. I checked. There are no Toy ovens out in the real world that have psychedelic muffins on the side. The best you get is toy ovens that are made to look 'country'.

So not buying into the whole marketing to gender thing - here are 6 recolours in the MLC palette colourways. The stripe is on the side because apparently EAxis thinks that if you want to have an oven door a different colour to the stove, then you have to have a stripe. But it's a plain unassuming stripe that doesn't want to get in anyone's way. And it's certainly not on drugs.

Did you know that on the original xylophone there is music for 'Twinkle Twinkle little star' ? No? That's because EAxis made the texture so small that you couldn't see it properly!
Well... on these recolours it a little more obvious. I've increased the size of the texture - and changed the sheet music to hey diddle, diddle.

The Dish and Spoon is someone's favourite One True Pair, so they should be immortalised in the sims, don't you think? And just to make it clearer there is the cat and fiddle introducing the piece, and the dish running away with the spoon at the end. Thanks to a random Web art - actually its from a colouring in site. Smile

7 recolours - 6 MLC colour themes and 1 Rainbow. All on a casing of Harvest Gold wood - because that looked best of all the tests I did.

Additional Credits:
Leefish - Owner and Forum. For support and encouragement