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Uploaded: 6th Sep 2014 at 5:39 PM
Updated: 31st Jul 2022 at 4:38 PM
This little Package deletes/hides the Intro-Movies of EA & Maxis and of "The Sims 4".

I've attached two zip files, each containing one package:
  • "Intro": It is for all german users, it deletes the EA & Maxis Intro + "Die Sims 4" Intro.
  • "No": It is for all users, it deletes the EA & Maxis Intro + "The Sims 4" Intro of every language (german too).
After updating the game all mods will be automatically disabled! You will have to manually enable them in the game settings and restart the game.
As it was mentioned in the comments section, Nicole K. Games had uploaded a usefull video on YouTube.
She perfectly explains how to install Custom Content like this "No Into"-Mod. So if you're not 100% familiar with installing Mods, you could have a look at her video:
The Packages containing empty AVI files. I've searched for all intro movies in the Sims 4 Packages with s4pe and found out, that they are only compiled into the "ClientFullBuild1.package".
Then I've exported all of this AVI files and found the following instance IDs containing the intro movies:
  • 0x799AE80054CEE156: EA & Maxis Intro
  • 0xE096C99F0C5579B6: "Los Sims 4" Intro
  • 0xE096CA9F0C557B08: "The Sims 4" Intro with Japanese sub
  • 0xE096CB9F0C557D59: "The Sims 4" Intro with Korean sub
  • 0xE096CE9F0C558228: "De Sims 4" Intro
  • 0xE096C39F0C556FFD: "The Sims 4" Intro with Chinese sub
  • 0xE096C69F0C5574DE: "Les Sims 4" Intro
  • 0xE096C89F0C557877: "Die Sims 4" Intro
  • 0xE096C99F0C5579AB: "The Sims 4" Intro
After that I created a package with s4pe, import 9 empty AVI files and set there instance ID to the IDs given above.
That's it
[04.07.2020 07:26 AM CET]
This mod was downloaded nearly 300k times within the last 6 years. AMAZING
Today I've checked whether its working anymore:
I can confirm that its working in version

Thanks to all of you out there!

[31.07.2022 05:25 PM CET]
Nearly 10 years after first release... Incredible
I can confirm that its even working in version 1.83

Happy playing!