Rikako Kono

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Rikako Kono is an eighteen-year old girl from Tokyo.
Despite having many friends, she remains a humble person, as she has the "Good" trait.
Her favorite resturant is Starbucks, and her favorite drink there is the Chocolate Mocha. She also enjoys listening to her favorite band, The Pillows. Her most common phrase is ”まじですか?!”, and she'll say it whenever something surprises her.
She also enjoys sleeping....a lot.
Though sometimes, she can be a bit over the top. But that adds to her Charm, right?
Her dream job is to work in public relations of a big Japanese company.



Favorite color: Orange
Favorite food: Cobbler

Custom Content used:

Newsea Sandglass hair retexture by Plumbbomb
Rose85 hair by Anubis
Formal Dress by Lunararc
Nose contouring blush by Cleos
Non-default skintone by Mallow
The sim is not saved with the skin. Also, choose the third file, "FFDW-tone-Barbie-Nondefaul+default.rar" when downloading.
Cheekbone size slider by OneEuroMutt

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