Expanded Physique Range (Heavy, Lean, Fit, Bony)

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Uploaded: 23rd Sep 2014 at 1:26 AM
Updated: 24th Nov 2014 at 4:36 AM
UPDATE: As requested I have added another new version which expands the range even farther than the last two, however expect a lot of clipping issues beyond the range of original x3 version. I have also changed the mod names instead of continuing with version numbers I've replaced them with the times above the ea limit.

x3 is 3 times the original EA limit (previously version 1)
x5 is 5 times the original EA limit (previously version 2)
x10 is 10 times the original EA limit (new version requested) {personally I think this is way too much range but who am I to tell you what you want...}

This mod expands the range of the two physique sliders (Heavy, Lean) & (Fit, Bony) they are found on the left side of your sim after clicking on him/her wile zoomed out in CAS all sim age ranges have these sliders except children do not have a Fit/Bony slider.

Install Instructions
Unzip and place the .package in /Mods folder as usual


This mod does work, your modified sims will save. But you must follow these directions.
You must change a clothing item in CAS for the changes to show on the sim.
To save your sims new physique this mod requires the No Fatness / No Muscles mod by scripthoge otherwise when you save the game or change lots they will revert back to the normal physique range.

You can find his mod here: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=534028
Do not unzip his mod place the full zip files in your /Mods folder.
Inside the game you must enable script mods for his mod to work! You can find it inside the Game Options in the Other tab.
If you have followed all these steps and your modified sims are still not saving check the compatibility of his mod with your current game patch.
If you can create extreme sims in CAS this mod is working! I do not maintain his mod so if your sims won't save and your sure you did everything above correctly, please contact him.

Possible Conflicts:
This mod overrides 545AC67A 004B5265 3544FA7308A3FD99 DATA File, which has information about CAS Tuning. This is only expected to conflict with other similar mods which none exist at this time.

Additional Credits:
Big thanks to the authors of the following tools:
S4pe from Kuree
Sims4Data from velocitygrass

Also thanks to scripthoge for his No Fatness / No Muscles mod without it saving was not possible.