Cemetery Grove

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Uploaded: 8th Oct 2014 at 9:20 PM
Updated: 15th Oct 2014 at 10:32 AM
This is Cemetery Grove, which is meant to be a cemetery in a story I'm writing, but I decided to share this lot with you. ^_^

"A bit strange that a cemetery is the first thing to greet you when you enter a town with the word "happy" in its name, but it doesn't seem like anything sinister is going on."

At the top of the cemetery is the grey lady statue (that all Sim cemeteries should have, heehee). At the beginning is a garden with a fountain and a small shack where your Sims can rest, and maybe cook up something. (Note that there isn't a restroom, however if you feel you need one, go ahead and add one.) The lot is not on level ground (it's all one big hill) so be careful with lot placement. ^_^

The blue bushes you see are just placeholders. You can keep them there, of course, but they're meant to be taken out as you add headstones in. Simply remove the bush and put the headstone in its place! (It's best to have "moveobjects on" activated when doing this, as some of the grave spots are on slopes.)

Lot Size: 3x5
Lot Price: 59,163