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Better wood floor selection

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Uploaded: 25th Oct 2014 at 2:51 PM
This has been packaged better than my kitchen files and I have included thumbnail tags to group similar styles of floor textures. This includes 3 different styles of wood floors and between 2-3 different color variations of each texture. Wood floors are hard to make because of the way wood is cut it can create odd patterns when you tile them together. I tried to minimize this effect as much as possible to give some smooth flowing textures for your sims homes. These floors, because they are made with real wood floor images, look super realistic in-game!

~Where to find them~
With the Wood floors
--Each texture has between 2-3 color options available

2 Simoleons each

Please feel free to tweet me pics of how you use the flooring to @gamervalley971, I'd love to see it! I think I covered a vast majority of the color varieties people may want for wood floors.

Additional Credits:
Wallez for making it easy to package them up.