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More Corners for Maxis Siding

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Uploaded: 23rd Oct 2014 at 3:59 AM
Updated: 26th Jan 2015 at 2:01 PM
These are overrides for a bunch of CWAL resources which make it so that the Maxis wood siding corners behave like the brick ones – i.e. the corner texture will be applied on 1 x N rooms too, not only 2 x N and up. This behaviour is still not 100% intelligent (see also the "XX" screenshot), but for me it's substantially less annoying than the default. Since there are plain versions for most of these walls available too, one can still remove unwanted corners with those.

An add-on for the "Simple Siding" with edges on both sides is available here.
More "Simple Siding" colours (that also behave like this) are available here.
An add-on for the "Clapboard Crush" with edges on both sides is available here.

More Corners for Maxis Brick/Wood walls are available here.
More Corners for the 1.3.18 “Cabin in the Woods” wall colours are available here.
More More Corners edits by FakeHouses|RealAwesome are available here.

Practical example:

Without this mod, this would only have corners on the outside edges, not on the dormers or around the window in the middle. This is done by setting Unk15 to 301 (brick wall behaviour) instead of 102 (default siding behaviour); see also here. In more recent versions of s4pe Unk15 is now labeled "CorneringFactor".

Brought to you in collaboration with Snaitf – if you hadn't been digging through all the MATDs and CWALs and ImgGroups with me (and also actually found the crucial bit) I would probably have dropped the whole idea.

Made from 1.0.732.20 files but works fine for me in 1.0.797.20 (all screenshots taken after patching).

The house in the screenshot will be uploaded whenever I feel like it.